Is Galaxy S10 faulty when the rear camera is tilted?

Last Update date : Aug 01. 2022

S10 Series’ camera is equipped with Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS). The Anti Shake function(using OIS) prevents photo distortion caused by camera shake when taking pictures.

The basic operation principle of the anti-shake function is to move the lens in the direction opposite to the movement of the hand to achieve the optimum image quality. For this purpose, the camera lens is designed to be able to move up and down and left and right to operate the anti-shake function.

The anti-shake function is not activated when the camera is off. Depending on the weight of the lens, the camera may be shifted to one side. The anti-shake function is activated When the camera is activated, so the lens moves to the optimum position. This is a normal operation and the device is not faulty.

All Samsung Mobile Devices undergo rigorous internal inspection test, and are always being controlled under Samsung’s high level of quality standards internally.

To check the camera performance of your device, go to Samsung Members Apps > Interactive Checks > Camera.

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