Light status when charging Samsung Gear S3 on wireless charger dock

Last Update date : Nov 20. 2020

When the Gear S3 is connected to the wireless charger dock, the LED indicator light will flash certain colors to indicate the battery status of the device.

LED indicator on wireless charger dock

LED indicator on wireless charger dock

Please note: The LED indicator light will flash red, when there is an error on the wireless charger dock. Disconnect the Gear S3 from the wireless charger dock and reconnect it again. If the problem persists, visit Samsung Service Centre or make an online booking for priority queue with your Gear S3 and charger dock for further assistance​



Charging Status

Green, Orange

Standby mode



Blinking Red

Not charging
Remove your Gear S3 and unplug the charging dock. Try again after 10 sec


Fully Charged


Connected to a low power adapter

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