How to Register for Free Samsung Care+ for New Galaxy Z Fold3 or Flip3

Last Update date : Oct 14. 2021

Just purchased your new Galaxy Z Fold3 or Flip3? Find out how you can register for your free Samsung Care+ (12 months) plan within 30 days of your purchase. 

What is Samsung Care+?

Samsung Care+ aims to provide you with a suite of premium value-added services so that your Galaxy device can stay in tip-top condition at your convenience.

Some key benefits include:

  • 50% savings on out-of-warranty repairs
  • Service support at your doorstep
  • One-time Screen Protective Film replacement for both main and cover screens (exclusively for Z Fold3/ Flip3)

Please refer to the Samsung Care+ page for full details and and T&Cs.


You are eligible to register for your free Samsung Care+ (12 months) plan if you fulfill all of the below requirements:
  1. You either purchased your Galaxy Z Fold3/Flip3 from a telco, Samsung Experience Store or other Samsung Authorised Retailers in Singapore.
  2. Your purchase was made within the last 30 days.

Note: If your purchase was made through the Samsung Online Store, the free Samsung Care+ (12 months) plan will be registered for you automatically. You do not need to follow the steps on this page to register.

How to register for free Samsung Care+

When you start up your new Galaxy phone, it should already have the Samsung Members Samsung Members icon app installed. Follow the steps below to use the app to register for  Samsung Care+.

(Swipe right for next step if viewing from mobile)

get help tab get help tab

Step 1. Open Samsung Members app and scroll down to the Benefits section.

Samsung Care+ Samsung Care+

Step 2. Tap on View more. Then tap on the Samsung Care+ banner. You will be brought to the registration page.

Fill in details Fill in details

Step 3. Fill up all your details such as your Device purchase date. Some details might be auto-filled for you.

Register now Register now

Step 4. Read and agree to the T&Cs and relevant policies and tap Register Now.

Step 5. You will be shown a confirmation screen with your details.

Samsung Care+ protection period

You can check when your Samsung Care+ protection ends under the Get help tab in the Samsung Members app.

Samsung Care+ protection period

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