Samsung Mobile screen turned on continuously during calls

Last Update date : Aug 01. 2022

While on the call, screen is turned on or off automatically due to presence of nearby objects on the display being detected by proximity sensor.  

If devices like headset, earphone, and so on are connected on your phone, screen is continuously turned on as proximity sensor is deactivated. This is an intended operation and does not indicate the phone is faulty. 

To check whether the proximity sensor of your device is working properly during a call, you can carry out the following tests: 

Screen will turn on when:

• The home key is pressed 

Screen will turn off when:

• Bluetooth is turned off and any physical connections such as headset, earphone and so on are detached from the phone

• Ear is closed to the device 

If all else fails, please visit the nearest Samsung Service Centre and check your device.

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