What to do when touch input is not working properly on Samsung Mobile Device's Touchscreen?

Last Update date : Oct 20. 2020

If touch input is not working properly on your touchscreen, you can adjust the touch area for edge side on your touchscreen with an application known as Edge Touch. You can set up the Edge zones where touches won’t be recognized to prevent unintended screen touches via this application.

1 Go to Galaxy Apps
Go to Galaxy Apps
2 Search for Edge Touch and install the application on your Mobile Device
Install Edge Touch
3 Run Edge Touch App to change the touch areas for Edge Screen
4 Select one of the modes and tap Add Edge zone
Tap Add Edge zone
5 Add Edge zone: Grip and Blocked zone by portrait and landscape
Blocked zone by portrait
Grip zone by portrait
Blocked zone by landscape
Grip zone by landscape
6 Once done, enter a Edge zone name
Enter a Edge zone name

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