There is a gap between the screen and frame of my device

Last Update date : Aug 01. 2022

For optimal operation of your device, a slight display gap is necessary. There may be very slight shifting during use due to this gap, but this is not an issue with performance. Please note that the display gap may widen with time and use.

Check 1. Can water get into the display gap?

In general, a slight gap is necessary between the screen and frame of the device. Therefore, a display gap is structurally placed for optimal operation of the device. All display gaps are placed following strict internal standards and does not affect the performance or function of the device. Additionally, Galaxy series that are water and dust resistant are constructed to block liquids or debris from the internal parts of the device.

In conclusion, water will not enter through the structurally placed display gap and will not affect waterproof ability.

Galaxy device display gap

Check 2. The display gap seems to be getting wider

Widening of the display gap is a natural phenomenon that occurs due to the friction between parts that occurs during normal, everyday use. However, if the gap has gotten significantly wider, please visit a Samsung Electronics Service Centre to determine the need for repairs.

Note: Device screenshots and menus may vary depending on the device model and software version.

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