What is Dual Capture and how to use on Galaxy S9+?

Last Update date : Aug 03. 2022
What is Dual Capture

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• What is Dual Capture?      

• How to use Dual Capture on Galaxy S9+

• How to view Dual Captured Photos on Galaxy S9+

Please note: Dual Capture is only available on the Galaxy S9+.

What is Dual Capture?

Dual Capture is a new camera feature specifically designed for the Galaxy S9+ to capture a live focus image zoomed in on the subject and a photo with a wide angle background, all in one shot. Dual

Capture is turned ON while you take a live focus photo (with the telephoto camera), the main camera also takes a photo simultaneously.

As a result, the user can achieve:

1 Object-oriented out-of-focus photos (portrait)
2 Photos containing backgrounds (portrait + background)

How to use Dual Capture on Galaxy S9+?

1 Launch the Camera app > Tap LIVE FOCUS
2 Make sure the Dual Capture feature is activated. Both live focus and normal photos will be saved
3 Tap the camera shutter button to take a shot

How to view Dual Captured Photos on Galaxy S9+

1 Select a photo taken with the Dual Capture feature
2 Tap WIDE ANGLE to view the photo with a wide-angle background
3 Tap CLOSE UP to return to the photo with the focus on the subject
4 To save the photo as another file, tap the 'More' icon (three dots vertically aligned) and tap 'Save as new file'

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