Samsung Galaxy Note10 screen mode not as vivid

Last Update date : Aug 03. 2022

The Screen Mode Default Settings is changed from Vivid to Natural in Galaxy Note10/10+. This change is only applied to default setting, and there was no change in the screen mode itself from the previous models.


For Galaxy smartphones, Samsung provides two screen modes:


Vivid and Natural for the enjoyable user experience with Dynamic AMOLED display. While selecting screen mode, you can check the feeling of each screen mode with three exemplary images in the setting menu.


Each screen mode as the following characteristics.


* Path: Settings > Display > Screen Mode

Samsung Galaxy Note10/Note10+ screen settings

[Natural] - The best color accuracy.-Consistent color reproduction across mediums-Smooth, natural feeling

[Vivid] - A wide color gamut unique to AMOLED-Lively colors, deep primary colors (Red, Green, Blue)

Please set it to the preferred screen mode and meet the best visual experience provided by Galaxy smartphone.

Thank you for your feedback!

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