Troubleshooting Guide for Samsung HT-TZ325

Last Update date : Aug 03. 2022

If your Home Cinema System (HT-TZ325) does not function properly, follow the troubleshooting guide below to rectify the issue. If problem persists, contact our Samsung Call Centre for further assistance.




Disc tray does not open

• Check if the power cord is plugged securely into the outlet

• Turn off the power and turn it back on again

Playback does not start immediately when the Play/Pause button is pressed

•  Are you using a deformed disc or a disc with scratches on the surface

•  Wipe the disc clean

Sound is not produced

•  Are the speakers connected properly? Is the speaker setup correctly customised
•  Is the disc severly damaged?

Sound can be heard only for a few speakers and not all

•  If sound is output to the front speakers (L/R) only, select PRO LOGIC II by pressing Dolby Pro Logic II on the remote control to use all six speakers
• Make sure the disc is 5.1-CH compatible

•  If C, SL and SR is set to NONE in the speaker mode, no sound will be heard from the centre speaker and the rear left and right speakers. Set C, SL and SR to SMALL

Dolby Digital 5.1 CH Surround Sound is not produced

• Is there Dolby Digital 5.1 CH mark on the disc? Dolby 5.1 CH Surround Sound is producted only if the disc is recorded with 5.1 channel sound

• Is the audio language correctly set to DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 CH in the information display?

• Disc is rotating but no picture is produced
• Picture quality is poor and shaking

• Is the TV power on?
• Are the video cables connected properly?
• Is the disc dirty or damaged?
• Poorly manufactured disc may not be playable

Audio language and subtitles do not work

• Audio language and subtitles will not work if the disc does not contain them

Menu screen does not appear even when the menu function is selected

• Are you using a disc that does not contain menus?

Aspect ratio cannot be changed

• You can play 16:9 DVDs in 16:9 WIDE mode, 4:3 LETTER BOX mode, or 4:3 PAN SCAN mode but 4:3 DVDs can be seen in 4:3 ratio only. Refer to the DVD disc jacket and then select the appropriate function

• The main unit is not working
• The DVD player is not working normally

• Turn off the power and hold the STOP button on the remote control for not longer than 5 seconds (reset function)
Please note: Using the RESET button will erase all stored settings. Do not use this unless necessary

The rating level password has been forgotten

• While NO DISC message appears on the display of the main unit, hold the remote control's STOP button for longer than 5 seconds. INITIAL appears on the display and all settings will return to the default values
• Press the POWER button

Please note: Using the RESET function will erase all stored settings. Do not use this unless necessary

Can't receive radio broadcast

• Is the antenna connected properly?
• If the antenna's input signal is weak, install an external FM antenna in an area with good reception 

The remote control does not work

• Is the remote control being operated within its operation range of angle and distance?
• Are the batteries exhausted?
• Have you selected the model (TV/DVD) functions of the remote control (TV or DVD) correctly?

If your issue is still unresolved, you may contact us via our hotline at 1800-SAMSUNG (7267864) or via our Live Chat. We are available 24/7.


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