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Galaxy Z Flip 5G hands-on media session. Hands down a success.


Galaxy Z Flip 5G
hands-on media session.
Hands down a success.

Rave reviews for the 5G-capable phone. Real good time for the folks.

5G is a big buzzword these days, but what does it actually do for us? Is it just an updated version of 4G or would our lives be greatly enhanced by 5G’s hyper-fast connectivity?

Samsung and Singtel, two brands at the cutting edge of technology and innovation, recently hosted a media event to showcase the elevated experience that comes with 5G. The event was held atop Mount Faber, at the Private Dining Room, befitting its exclusiveness.

So what did Samsung, the brand with the widest selection of 5G-capable devices (from Galaxy Z Fold2 to Z Flip, S20 FE, Tab 7+ and more), and Singtel, the telco with the fastest 5G connectivity, offer journalists and guests?

Three demo zones that showed side-by-side comparisons of 4G vs 5G with a key addition — loads of fun.
Video courtesy of SGEEK

Zone 1: Beat the Clock

To demonstrate the real-time speed of 5G, a Netflix Original series episode was concurrently downloaded on both a 4G and 5G phone. The 5G-capable device was efficiently quick and swift. Thank goodness there were no traffic cops to issue a speeding ticket!

Zone 2: No More Freeze Frame

Making lag-free video calls was the task in this next zone and again, the 5G-capable device delivered a smoother chatting experience without any lag or loss of quality, which gave everyone lots to talk about.

Zone 3: Most Creative Z Flip 5G Yoga Pose

The star of the event, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G, wowed everyone at this zone with the combination of its Flex Mode features, fabulous matte finish and a 5G speed test. A contest to see who could strike the best yoga pose with the Z Flip 5G took place and the winner, SuperAdrianMe, went home with much more than peace of mind.
All in all, the event turned out to be a 5-star success for the 5G-ready crowd. With the Galaxy Z Flip 5G coming out tops, hands-down, and hands-free of course.

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