Unfolding the Future


Getting to know 5G,
the next-generation technology

While term ‘5G’, or 5th Generation technology has been tossed about in a cavalier manner, the common understanding seems to be that it will make things faster and make downloads quicker. Actually, 5G is designed to do that and more, like connect everyone and everything (machines, objects, devices). What would that look like? What would that mean for us?
Here’s a glimpse of how this enabling technology could change our lives:

1. Mobile gaming

Delivering a whole virtual world to our mobiles at peak data speeds, 5th-generation technology will catapult Augmented Reality (AR) to raised levels of gaming experience. Love Pokémon Go and Animal Crossing? Then you’re in for a treat: 5G is here to change the game. Literally.

2. Creativity

There’s no need to think outside the box with 5G as it can’t be boxed in. The creative universe – from arts to fashion and everything in between – will transcend and flourish in the time of 5G, blurring the lines between virtual space and the real world.

3. Health

With its ultra-low latency and massive connectivity upgrade, 5G will significantly impact the way we manage health and fitness in the future. Wearables have become intuitive beyond smartwatches; soon we’ll be tracking more than just the quantity of our exercise routines – we’d be leveraging quality data to enhance our lives, every day.

4. Entertainment

“Please don’t stop the music”, sang Rihanna. With 5G, we might not need to. With the high-performing network empowering our devices and understanding how we use them, the future of music would automatically detect our preferences, including how and when we want it. Play, and you’ll never have to press pause again.