Unfolding the Future


Say hello to the brand new Galaxy Z Flip 5G

The start of 2020 saw the Galaxy Z Flip being introduced to the world. Now, say hello to its more powerful sibling: the Galaxy Z Flip 5G.
Next generation performance

Looks can be deceiving: the Galaxy Z Flip 5G is an understated powerhouse that fits in the palm of your hand. With blazing trails-speed, next-level power, sharper images and graphics, your on-device processing is likely to raise your efficiency and performance so much that head hunters may be alerted.

Elevated design & style

Keeping its signature sleek and bold form, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G would be the most stylish and compact 5G-enabled foldable device to date. Available in two new premium colours of Mystic Gray and Mystic Bronze, you’d appreciate its all-glass haze finish that minimises fingerprints. Nice touch indeed.

Improved foldable experience
The new Galaxy Z Flip 5G adds more flex to the fold with upgraded features so you can do it all, all at once. The improved experience can enhance your everyday.

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