*Image simulated for illustration purposes.

A close up of bronze S Pen drags across the screen of Galaxy Note20 Ultra, with a bronze trail following the pen tip. The display and pen turn until the phone is seen in full, with multiple S Pens moving around it.

This is the world's most powerful S Pen

S Pen

Writes like a real pen.
Does way more than that.

The 120Hz Infinity-O Display is fast, making pen strokes from the S Pen even more precise, so you can write naturally.1 Not only that, S Pen features Bluetooth that turns it into a useful wireless controller for your phone.2

A closeup of the button on the bronze S Pen. The S Pen shifts to show its tip and leans to the side as it writes. An X-ray of the interior of S Pen appears to show its hardware and a bronze streak follows the tip.
  • Screen off memo

    just pop out S Pen

    Add to your to-do list or write down your dreams without unlocking your phone, then pin it to the screen or find it in Samsung Notes.

  • Screen write

    screenshots with notations

    Quickly jot a note on the article you’re reading, or add a little flourish to a photo you’ve found.

Smarter than the average notepad

Samsung Notes Writing

Script that says Find local rosewood supplier is written on an angle. The bronze S Pen taps it and it straightens out to Auto straighten. It then transforms from script to text with the handwriting-to-text function. Galaxy Note20 Ultra appears and the straightened text note is seen onscreen alongside images of furniture for inspiration.
From penmanship to text in a tap

With a tap of the handy S Pen, your notations and notes transform into text you can copy and paste. And if you're writing at an angle or go off track, Auto Straighten realigns your writing to keep your outlines tidy and organized.

  • Audio Bookmark

    timestamped notations

    While you’re recording audio and you jot down a note, Audio Bookmark lines them up when you play back for easy reference.

Samsung Notes Sync

Have your phone, tablet and laptop all on the same page

Start your notes on your phone and they're automatically saved—so you can easily sync up and access them on your other devices.3 Samsung Notes has all the same functionality on your PC, with an optimized UI.4

Galaxy Note20 Ultra with Samsung Notes app onscreen and a sketch of a chair.
Start it here...
Tablet with Samsung Notes app onscreen and the same sketch of a chair as seen on Galaxy Note20 Ultra and a matching side table is now visible.
Tweak it here...
Laptop with Samsung Notes app onscreen and the same sketch of a chair as seen on Galaxy Note20 Ultra and a matching side table as seen on the tablet.
Finish it here.

Your phone and PC work together like never before

Sync to Microsoft OneNote

Now your Samsung Notes sync to OneNote on your PC and Outlook

This ridiculously smart experience lets you do so much more. What you jot down in Samsung Notes automatically populates in OneNote on your PC.

*Service will be available starting Nov. 2020 in OneNote, OneNote on the web, and OneNote for Windows 10.

*Service will be available starting Nov. 2020 in Outlook on the web.

Microsoft logo
Galaxy Note20 Ultra seen from the front with the Samsung Notes app onscreen. It has four notes: one says Chair concept. Client wants comfortable and modern. The next one says Syncing with MS Video scouting locations: Beach, racetrack, parking lot, rural roads?? Too far? The next says Color references, Golden hour, Sunset hues. The last one says Pick-up list BT mic rental.
Laptop seen from the front, open with Microsoft OneNote onscreen. It shows the same notes as seen on Galaxy Note20 Ultra, to demonstrate the sync capabilities between Samsung Notes app and Outlook.  Three mobile apps — Music, Gallery, and Messages — appear to demonstrate the ability with Link to Windows to utilize mobile apps on your PC.

Link to Windows

Link to Windows - Your Phone Apps

Unleash your mobile apps on your PC

With seamless multitasking between your Windows PC and mobile, Link to Windows lets you use your favorite mobile apps right on your PC . It also makes it simple to share files between your Galaxy and your PC with a simple drag and drop*

Give your business next-level control with S Pen

*Link to Windows requires the Your Phone app (free download), a Microsoft account and Windows 10. Some mobile apps may have security features that prevents the mobile app from being viewed on PC.

*Users must link their Galaxy device to their Windows PC through ‘Link to Windows’ on phone and Your Phone app on PC, follow the set-up prompts, including being signed into same Microsoft account. Link to Windows is preloaded on select Galaxy devices. Your Phone requires latest Windows 10 Update on the PC. Galaxy device must be on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the PC.

*Some mobile apps may restrict content to be shared on other screens or may require a touch screen to be able to interact with them.

*Ability to run multiple apps simultaneously will be available later this year.


Share your art with the Samsung community

PENUP is a community platform that lets you display your art for the world to see. Upload your masterpieces and get inspired by other artists.

penup logo
A drawing of a man sitting in the same chair as the Samsung Notes app furniture concept sketch.

Galaxy Note20 5G for business

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