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Taking Photos with Your Galaxy Camera

Your Samsung Galaxy Camera supports several predefined shooting modes, and an expert mode, that allows you to get the most out of your photos. To take photo with your Samsung Galaxy camera, read the instruction below.

Capture Photos

Touch Camera from any Home screen, or press the Shutter button to open the camera app.

Camera Options

Select a Shooting Mode

Select the shooting mode for this session by touching Mode

The following shooting modes are available on your camera:

  • Auto: The camera determines the ideal mode for the photo.
  • Smart : Capture professional-like photos quickly and easily using these predefined modes.
    • Beauty face: Corrects facial imperfections automatically when taking portraits.
    • Best photo: Select the best photos when you take a series of photos.
    • Continuous shot: Take photos continuously at a rate of four per second, with a maximum of 20 photos.
    • Best face: Select the best photo of each person from five consecutive photos and merge into one best photo.
    • Landscape: Take photos that emphasize the landscape and sky by making the green and blue more intense.
    • Macro: Take photos of close objects or text.
    • Action freeze: Take photos of fast-moving subjects, such as capturing photos at sporting events.
    • Rich tone: Take and merge photos in various exposures to create soft and rich colors.
    • Panorama: Take panoramic photos made up of a maximum eight consecutive photos
    • Waterfall: Take photos of waterfall and flowing water using a long exposure.
    • Silhouette: Take photos of silhouettes with backlighting.
    • Sunset: Take photos that emphasize the sunset by making the colors more intense.
    • Night: Take photos by combining photos to get a brighter, clearing photo in low light, without flash.
    • Fireworks: Take photos of fireworks using long exposure at night.
    • Light trace: Take photos of light trails using long exposure at night.

  • Expert: Settings can be fine-tuned to fit the scene you are trying to capture.
    • Full Manual: All camera settings, except exposure value, can be adjusted separately.
    • Program: Use this option to manually set ISO sensitivity or exposure value (EV). The shutter speed and aperture will be set automatically.
    • Aperture Priority: Use this option to manually set the aperture level. Shutter speed will be set automatically by the camera.
    • Speed Priority: Use this option to manually set the shutter speed. Aperture level will be set automatically.
    • Manual Camcorder: Use this option to open up all of the camcorder options available on your camera. When selected, all movie sizes and frame rates will be available from the settings menu.

For more information about a shooting mode, search the Samsung support site using the mode name. We have provided details on all of the predefined shooting modes available to you.

Adjusting Camera Settings

Touch the viewfinder screen. The settings available to you in this area varies based on the current mode you have selected. The settings menu has six categories:

  • Settings: Access Camera settings include Photo size and Share settings. General settings include Storage location, Shutter sound, and etc.
  • Voice commands: Touch the icon to turn voice commands on/off. When voice commands are on, you can complete several camera tasks using your voice. Turn on voice commands and say "cheese" to capture a photo without touching your camera.
  • Flash: Touch the icon to cycle through the available flash options. The flash must be open to use this option. To open the flash, press the Flash release button.
  • Timer: Touch the icon to select a timer value. A timer allows you to capture a photo after a specified delay.
  • Movie size: Touch the icon to select a movie size for any video captured during the session.
  • Share: Touch the icon to select a sharing option. Features like Share shot and Remote viewfinder can be found here

Filter Effects

Select from one of the many digital filters provided for you by touching the area at the bottom of the viewfinder. Filter effects change the image by adjusting the way your camera handles the light, colors, and other input. You can create photos in different tones such as black, white, or Sepia. Add a wild effect like Comic for something completely different.

Take Pictures

  1. Aim the camera at the subject and partially depress the Shutter  button until the focal point turns green.   

  2. Alternatively, you can touch the screen to focus on a specific area. When the focal point turns green, press and hold the camera shutter button.   

Reviewing Photos After You Capture Them

  1. To activate this feature, touch Settings > General > Review > On.

  2. If you do not want to keep the photo, touch  at the top of the screen.

Editing Photos

Your Galaxy Camera has a Photo Wizard app that allows you to edit the photos you capture.

  1. If you have activated the review feature covered above, you can immediately edit a photo by touching Menu > Edit.

  2. You can open the photo later from your gallery and follow the same steps, or from the Home screen, touch Apps > Photo Wizard.

Sharing Options

From the Camera App

Your Galaxy Camera has several options for sharing right from the camera app. Touch > Share . Choose from:

  • Share shot: Immediately share captured photos with Wi-Fi Direct- enabled devices.
  • Buddy photo share: Share captured photos with buddies you tag from your Contacts list.
  • ChatON photo share: Share captured photos using the ChatON messaging application.


From the Gallery

When you are viewing your photos from other apps, such as the Gallery, additional sharing options are available to you.

  • When viewing a photo from the Gallery, touch and select a sharing option.
  • From the Gallery you can share using AT&T Locker, Bluetooth, ChatON, Email, Gmail, Google+, Group Play, formerly known as Group Cast, Instagram, Photo Wizard, Picasa, and Wi-Fi Direct.

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