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Using the Gmail App on Your Galaxy Camera

This article on setting the timer is for the Samsung Galaxy Camera, NOT for Samsung Galaxy Smartphones. For smartphones, refer to the user manual for your specific model.

Gmail Email App

The Gmail email app provides a specialized email interface created just for your Gmail account. You get access to all of the great Gmail features you love on your computer, right on your mobile device. To open Gmail, touch Apps > Gmail .

Parts of the Gmail Email App


The item has not been Starred in Gmail. You can touch the icon to Star the item. The item has been Starred in Gmail when this icon is yellow.
The item has not been marked as Important in Gmail. The item has been marked as Important in Gmail when this icon is yellow.
Create a new email message. Search your Gmail for an item.
Select the labels folder you want to view. Labels are shown in green on the message list. Synchronize your Gmail messages now.
Item select checkbox. Touch the box to select the item(s). When item(s) are selected, additional actions listed below are available. The actions will not be shown unless an item is checked.
Archive the selected item(s). Delete the selected item(s).
Add a label to the selected item(s). The label will be shown in green on the message list. Open the menu for additional actions to Mark read or unread, Add star or Remove star, Mark important or not important, Mute, and Report spam.

Gmail Message Option

When you open a message, you can Start the message, Reply, Reply all, Forward, Archive, Delete, Change labels, or mark the message as Unread.

To view images in messages, touch the Show pictures bar. Touch Always show pictures from this sender to automatically download and show pictures in emails from this sender.

Touching the Menu icon will provide you access to additional options like Mark important or Not important, Mute, Report spam, Settings, Help, and Send feedback.

Composing a New Message

  1. Touch the Compose icon at the top of the screen.   

  2. Begin typing a contact's name or email address in the To field. Possible matches will be shown in a list as you type. Touch the desired contact to add them to the message.   

  3. Enter a Subject for the message and add your message to the Compose email field.   

  4. To add an attachment, touch the Menu icon > Attach file.   

  5. When you are satisfied with the message, touch the Send icon at the top of the screen. Gmail Email App Options

Gmail Email App Options

Touching Menu from the inbox view will provide these additional options:

  • Label settings: Edit the settings for the label currently being viewed.

  • Settings:

    • General Settings:

      • Confirm before deleting: When you choose to delete a message or conversation, your device will confirm your intention before it deletes the item.

      • Confirm before archiving: When you choose to archive a message or conversation, your device will confirm your intention before it archives the item.

      • Confirm before sending: When you touch the send icon, your device will confirm you are ready to send the message before it is actually sent.

      • Reply all: Make "Reply all" the default for replying to messages.

      • Auto-advance: Select how your device should advance through your message list when you delete or archive an item.

      • Message text size: Choose the size of the font your device should use when displaying email messages.

      • Hide checkboxes: Hide the checkbox option in list views. When selected, you can still select an item by touching and holding it in the list.

      • Message actions: Select if and when the messaging actions bar should be shown when viewing a message.

      • Clear search history: Remove the history of all searches you have executed in your mailbox.

      • Hide pictures in messages: This option allows you to turn the "hide pictures in messages" feature back on for all senders, if you have decided to turn the feature off for some.

    • Google Account settings:

      • Priority Inbox: Make the Priority Inbox your default inbox.

      • Email notifications: Notifies you in the status bar when an email has arrived.

      • Ringtone & vibrate: Choose how you are notified when an email has arrived.

      • Signature: Add a signature to outgoing emails.

      • Gmail sync is ON or OFF: Change the sync setting or remove this account.

      • Days of mail to sync: Change how many days of mail to sync.

      • Manage labels: Edit the settings for the label currently being viewed.

      • Download attachments: Auto-download attachments via Wi-Fi.

    • About Gmail: View information about the Gmail app.

  • Help: Get information about the Gmail app.

  • Send feedback: Send Gmail app feedback to Google and view Gmail app version information.

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