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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Samsung Rewards Visa Card


  1. Where Can Samsung Rewards card be Used?
    • The Samsung Rewards card can be used at any store that accepts both Visa debit cards and Samsung Pay.

  2. The cash register asked for my PIN how do I find it?
    • Your default PIN is the last 4 digits of the card number.

  3. A merchant asked for the last four digits of my card how do I find it?
    • If a merchant asked for the last four digits of your card, provide them the DPAN number.

  4. I deleted or switched my phone and no longer have my rewards card, how can I get it back?
    • If you have the latest version of the app, Open the Samsung Pay App, select More and then help, then select Add Rewards Card. If you receive an error message please contact customer care 1-844-SAM-PAYS (1-844-726-7297)

  5. Will my Samsung Rewards Visa card credit sync between Samsung Pay on my phone and Samsung Pay on my Gear?
    • Yes, as long as the same Samsung Account is used for both Samsung Pay on your phone and Samsung Pay on your Gear, the Samsung Rewards Visa credit will sync.

  6. I have a Samsung Rewards Visa card balance on my phone. Can I use it with Samsung Pay on my Gear?
    • Yes. New Gear Pay users will see their Samsung Rewards Visa card balance within the app soon after setting up Gear Pay with their Samsung Account.

  7. What if I don't see my Samsung Rewards Visa card on Gear Pay?
    • Load your Samsung Rewards Visa card on Gear Pay by following these steps: Open the Samsung Pay companion app on Gear > Tap "Menu" at the top right > Tap "Help" > Tap "Add Rewards Card".

  8. Will my rewards expire?
    • Yes, your Samsung Rewards card plus all associated funds expires when the Rewards card expires.

  9. How will I know when they will expire?
    • The expiration date on the Samsung Rewards card will be noted on the card image within the Samsung Pay app and on the card details screen of the app.

  10. How can I increase my Samsung Rewards card balance?
    • We are here to help you earn more with Samsung Pay! You can find the latest promotional offers through the promotions page in the app or through email and app notifications.

  11. What if my check out bill is higher than my Samsung Rewards card balance?
    • Most merchants support the ability to use a partial balance, but sometimes that doesn’t work. If you do not tell the cashier and try to make a purchase for more than the balance on your Samsung Rewards card, the transaction may be declined. To be safe, tell the cashier how much you want to pay with your Samsung Rewards card balance and then pay the remainder through another form of payment.

  12. When prompted, do I choose "Debit" or "Credit" for my transaction using the Samsung Rewards card?
    • Either “Credit” or “Debit” would work. If you select Credit, you will be prompted for your signature. If you select Debit, you will be prompted to enter the PIN associated with your card.

  13. Can I add value to Samsung Rewards card?
    • No, only Samsung can add value to the Samsung Rewards card.

  14. Can I purchase gift cards with Samsung Pay using Samsung Rewards?
    • You can purchase gift cards through the Samsung Pay app using your Rewards. Simply go to the gift card section, click add and then when payment is due, select your Samsung Rewards card.

  15. If I lose my phone, how can I get my Samsung Rewards card and its value back?
    • When the Samsung Rewards card is loaded to your Samsung Pay app, you'll also receive an email with details on how to recover your account.

  16. Still have Questions?
    • If you need additional support or want to report a problem, please call our customer care department at 1-844-SAM-PAYS (1-844-726-7297) or online at www.samsung.com/us/samsung-pay.

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