Set up ADT Security Hub

Main screen on the ADT Security Hub

Have you ever been home alone and had the eerie feeling someone is lurking outside your window? Well, with your ADT Security Hub, you can stop threats in their tracks by connecting smart detectors, sensors, and cameras for 24/7 monitoring of your home. It's the first step to enjoying total peace of mind at home.

Install an ADT Security Hub

Note: Do not insert sharp objects into any holes on the back of the panel. Doing so could severely damage the backup battery.

Think of your ADT Security Hub like the brain of your entire home security system. Once you set it up, you can start adding devices to your smart home. When you're ready, here's what to do:

  1. Locate an area of your home with good Wi-Fi and cellular coverage to place the ADT Security Hub. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight, near a heat source, near doors or windows where it can be easily viewed, or in places that can be reached by small children.

  2. Tighten the screw to hold the mounting plate in place.

    Mounting screws on the ADT Hub
  3. Attach the desk mount to the mounting plate. The desk mount can be installed in either direction, allowing the unit to lean back further for easy viewing. You can also mount the ADT Security Hub flat on a wall using two screws that fit in the top of the panel (screws are not provided).

    Desk mount on the ADT Hub
  4. Connect the power receptacle to the power connector. Make sure the outlet is not controlled by a switch that could accidentally cut the power.

    Connecting the power receptacle to the power connector
  5. For compliance with the ANSI/NFPA 70 National Electric Code, install the power plug retaining bracket. Use the pre-applied adhesive tape to attach the retaining bracket to the wall outlet, and then secure the bracket to the wall using the fastening screw.

    power plug retaining bracket
  6. Spread the edges of the bracket apart and insert the power plug into the power outlet. Thread the zip ties through the slots and fasten them to secure the power plug.

    Zip ties on the power plug retaining bracket
  7. Review the on-screen instructions on the ADT Security Hub to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

Connect the ADT Security Hub to SmartThings

The next step is to connect the ADT Security Hub to SmartThings. Then, you can connect other ADT devices to it and control them all from the app.

Navigate to and open the SmartThings app. Tap Add (the plus sign), and then tap Device. Tap By brand, and then tap ADT. Tap Wi-Fi/Hub, and then tap Next. Select your desired location or create a new location by tapping Add location. Tap Next, verify your geolocation, and then tap Next again. Select a room, and then tap Next.

Enter the Activation Code displayed on the ADT panel in the app, and then tap Next. Tap Done to activate the ADT Security Hub.

Add ADT screen with ADT security devices and Wi-Fi/Hub choices

Change the Master User Code

All ADT Security Hubs have the same default Master User Code: 1111. Therefore, it's important to change this code as soon as you have completed the setup.

From the ADT Hub's Home screen, tap Settings. Enter the Master User Code, and then tap USERS. Tap the Edit icon next to the Master User, and then tap the Edit icon next to Code.

Enter a new Master User Code, and then tap Next. Enter the new Master User Code again, and then tap Next.

Note: If you've forgotten the Master User Code, you'll need to factory reset the ADT Security Hub.

Change the master user code for the ADT hub

Add or delete a User Code

You can create up to 98 unique User Codes, allowing different people to arm and disarm your system. You can set this up on the ADT Security Hub panel.

From the ADT's Hub's Home screen, tap Settings. Enter the Master User Code, and then tap USERS. Tap the Add User icon, enter the name of the user, and then tap Next. Enter a code for the user, and then tap Next. Enter the same code again, and then tap Next. Press the Home button to return to the Home Screen.

To delete a user, from the Home screen, tap Settings. Enter the Master User Code, and then tap USERS. Tap the Delete icon next to the user you want to delete. Tap Delete to confirm.

add user on ADT hub

Create a User Code schedule

By default, each User Code is valid no matter the time or date. However, you can create a specific schedule for when you want a User Code to be valid.

From the ADT Hub's home screen, tap Settings. Enter the Master User Code, and then tap Users. Tap the Edit icon next to the desired user, and then tap the Add icon next to Add Schedule. Select from Recurring, Date or Date Range and adjust the schedule. Then, tap the Check icon in the upper right side of the screen.

Create user schedule on the ADT hub

View User Code log in history

You can view which User Codes were used when by accessing the panel history.

From the ADT hub's Home screen, tap Info, and then tap HISTORY. Here you can view all the activities and their times. You can see Alarms, Arm/Disarm, Bypasses, and Alerts.

View user log history on the ADT hub

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