Change the units of measurement for Samsung Health

Change the Measurement Units for Samsung Health

Converting miles to kilometers in your head can be difficult, but you don't have to worry. While different countries use different systems of measurement, there's no need to calculate it by yourself. You can easily change the measuring units in Samsung Health so you'll always know whether you ran 5 miles or 5 kilometers.

Note: The available units of measurement are those customary to the U.S.

Change units of measurement

If you need data in a different unit of measurement, you can change it anytime. Changing the units of measurement will affect all related trackers.

  1. Navigate to and open the Samsung Health app, and then tap More (the three vertical dots).

  2. Tap Settings, and then tap Units of measurement.

  3. Tap the unit you want to change, and then tap your desired unit of measurement.

  4. The new measurement will appear everywhere that unit was used, including on your trackers on the Samsung Health Home screen.

Units of measurement screen with a list of options

Here are the different measurements you can adjust:

  • Height: Choose from centimeters, feet, or inches.

  • Weight: Choose from pounds or kilograms.

  • Temperature: Choose from Celsius or Fahrenheit.

  • Distance: Choose from kilometers, miles, or feet.

  • Water intake: Choose from milliliter units or fluid ounce.

  • Blood glucose: Choose from milligrams per liter or millimoles per liter.

  • Blood pressure: Choose from millimeter units or kilopascal units.

  • HbA1c: Choose from percentage units or millimole units.

Note: Calories cannot be changed. 

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