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Samsung Pay Money Transfer frequently asked questions

With the Money Transfer feature, you can send money to your family and friends internationally right from the Samsung Pay app. The below FAQs will provide additional information on this feature.

Note: Please refer to the Travelex site for a complete set of FAQs.

Getting Started

How do I sign up?

  • To enroll in the money transfer services, you must be at least 18 years of age or older, have a Samsung Pay mobile wallet account and must open an account with Travelex in Samsung Pay. For more information about Travelex and account terms, please see the following Travelex policies.

  • What can I do with Money Transfer?

  • Money Transfer lets you send an international money transfer from within your Samsung Pay app using your personal debit or credit card linked to your digital wallet, and delivers the money to your recipients’s bank account or to cash pick up locations outside of the U.S.

  • What do I need to get started?

  • You will need to be a Samsung Pay user with an active account with a valid U.S issued debit or credit card loaded within your wallet to start the Money Transfer process. 

  • I’ve got a non-U.S address, can I use this to verify my account?

  • No, in order to use Money Transfer, you need to be a U.S resident or citizen with a valid Social Security Number and U.S address.

  • I live in Oklahoma, why can't I sign up?

  • Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer this service to support residents of Oklahoma. We are working on solutions to offer the Money Transfer service to residents of Oklahoma soon. 

  • Which countries can I send money to?

  • You can send to the following countries via Bank Deposit, Cash Pick-up or Premium:
      • North America: Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica
      • South America: Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Peru
      • Europe: Poland, Hungary, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Cyprus, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Netherlands, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia
      • Asia: China, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea (South), Thailand, Japan, Israel, Turkey, Singapore
      • Africa: Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa
      • Australia and New Zealand

  • Can I use Money Transfer in offshore US territories?

      Currently Money Transfer does not support the US territories below:

        • American Samoa
        • Guam
        • Northern Mariana Islands
        • Puerto Rico
        • US Virgin Islands

    Transfer Requirements

    What recipient details do I need to have to send money?

  • For all transfers you will need:
      • The recipient’s full name (or business name if sending to a company), exactly as shown on their bank account or ID
      • The recipient’s address of residence

  • For transfers going to a bank account you will also need the bank account of the recipient information, for example:

      • The recipient’s IBAN (International Bank Account Number, made up of a format of 34 numbers and letters) or Account number
      • The recipient’s SWIFT/BIC code (the bank’s unique identifier code made up of between 8 and 11 characters) or Bank code
      • For SWIFT delivery (not including the Eurozone), you’ll need your recipient’s billing address as held by their bank

    Note: In some cases, we might also ask for your recipient's contact number and email address. 

  • How old does my recipient need to be?

  • Your recipient must be 18 years or older to collect from a cash pick up location. There is no age restriction on the recipient of a transfer to a bank account, as long as the recipient holds a valid bank account in their name.

  • If I’ve added a recipient and want to send money to them again using a different delivery method, will I need to create them as a new recipient?

  • No, you can send money to an existing recipient and just change the delivery method when prompted in the app. 

  • How do I pay?

  • We accept U.S issued Visa or MasterCard debit and credit cards which need to be stored in your Samsung Pay wallet.
    Following cards are not supported: Prepaid and Commercial card types; American Express, Discover, Capital One and Citi branded cards; Cards issued outside the US and PayPal accounts are not supported
  • Can I pay by bank transfer?

  • Unfortunately, you can only pay by Visa or MasterCard debit and credit cards which need to be stored in your Samsung Pay wallet.

  • How do I keep track of my transfer?

  • The easiest way to track the status of your transfer is within Money Transfer. All of your transfers will be listed under the Recent Activity screen, which shows the transfer status and key transfer information. We’ll also send you updates via in app notification and email, as confirmation of your transfer or if we require additional information from you.

  • Can I set up automatic repeat payments?

  • We don’t have the functionality for automated repeat payments. However, once you’ve added your recipient’s details, they’ll be saved in your Money Transfer account and you won’t have to enter them again each time, making it quicker to make payments to recipients that you’ve already sent money to.

  • How would you like to contact us?

    Give us a call 1-800-SAMSUNG (1-800-726-7864)
    MOBILE: 24 HOURS, 7 DAYS A WEEK ALL OTHER: M-F 8-12AM/S-S 9AM-11PM, APPLIANCES 6PM ET Printer support visit: hp.com/support/samsung

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