Clean and care for your Jet Stick

The JetStick's different parts being washed in water

Your Jet Stick vacuum’s job is to clean your home. But in the process it can get pretty grungy itself. Dust, dirt, and other debris can get stuck in the vacuum, decreasing its cleaning performance. To maintain your vacuum and keep it running well you should clean it and its filter frequently. It’s as easy as rinsing the dustbin and the filter with some water.

Clean the dustbin and filter

Now you know that you need to clean your vacuum - but how often? To answer your question, you should clean the dustbin before it becomes completely full or reaches the Max sign. As for the filter, you should try to clean it once a month if you use the vacuum regularly.

  1. Before cleaning the vacuum cleaner, turn it off.

    JetStick Power Button
  2. Press the dustbin release button on the vacuum, and then pull out the dustbin.

    A hand releasing the JetStick Dustbin
  3. Carefully pull out the washable micro filter by holding the filter handles. Put the filter to the side to clean it later.

    The Washable Micro filter inside the JetStick Dustbin
  4. While pressing the button, turn the dustbin cover and then remove it from the dustbin.

    Hand removing filter from JetStick dustbin
  5. Remove the dust on the metal mesh grille filter with the combination tool. Do NOT pull the rubber attached to the metal mesh grille filter.

    Hand removing the dust on the metal mesh grille filter with the Combination Tool
  6. Next, empty the dustbin. To prevent dust and lint from spilling everywhere, cover the dustbin with a bag. Tip the dustbin into the bag, tie up the bag, and then discard it.


    Afterward, clean the dustbin under running water.

  7. You can also clean the filter under running water.

    Hand emptying the JetStick dustbin and cleaning it under running water
  8. Let both the filter and the dustbin completely dry before reassembling the vacuum. We recommend letting them dry in the shade for a total of 24 hours.

  9. Once the filter and dustbin are dry, you can reassemble the dustbin cover by aligning the dustbin release button with the groove of the dustbin.

    Person reassembling the dustbin cover
  10. Place the washable filter in the dustbin cover and fit it into the grooves of the cover.

    Person placing the washable filter into the dustbin cover
  11. Reinsert the dustbin back into the vacuum. Push it until you hear a click.

    Person reinserting the dustbin back into to the JetStick vacuum

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