The new cameras on Galaxy S20 models

Two S20 phones next to each other with their cameras showing

The S20 series’ cameras are packed with new features that are simple to use and will take your video and selfie skills further. It’s easier than ever to post exciting and personalized content to your favorite social media app with Single take photos. Enable Night mode when shooting outside in the evening, and use advanced zoom from hundreds of feet away without sacrificing quality.

Compare camera features

All S20 series' front and rear cameras include Single Take for quick, 10-second clips and Space Zoom for magnifying objects near or far. Although you can capture incredible shots with each model, there are a few differences.

  • S20 5G: A slim design with a 6.2-inch Infinity-O display, three rear cameras, Bright Night mode, and 30x Space Zoom that allows you to create photos and videos anywhere.

A variety of Galaxy S20s with their cameras displayed
  • S20+ 5G: Features pro-grade quad lenses, 30x Space Zoom, Bright Night mode, and a 6.7-inch Infinity-O display for a larger view.

  • S20 Ultra 5G: A professional studio is in your hands with quad lenses, 100x Space Zoom, a 6.9-inch Infinity-O display, Ultra Bright Night mode, and photography AI.

Single Take

Use Single Take to create photo clips of scenes, objects, and people. The camera’s AI will decide which images to capture to make up to a 10-second video. 

Note: Make sure you have the latest updates to get the most out of Single Take.

To begin, navigate to and open the Camera app, and then tap SINGLE TAKE. Tap Capture. When Single Take is activated, the camera will utilize multiple functions at once, including Best Shot, Ultra-wide Shots, Live Focus, Filter, and Smart Crop. The videos will use motion photo, bounce and reverse, and Hyperlapse.

After you’ve taken your shots you can select a thumbnail, and then tap Favorite (the heart icon) to set it as your favorite of the bunch.

To access additional editing options with Single Take, touch and hold the thumbnail you’d like to edit. Tap Best shot (the crown icon) to set a clip as the best-looking photo. Tap Save to add the thumbnail to your Gallery and delete the rest. Tap Share to send your video or clips to friends or a social media app.

You can also create a movie by tapping Story Video Editor, and then choose from Highlight reel to show off the best moments from your clips, or Self-edited if you’d like to trim the video yourself. In Story Video Editor, you can customize your video by adding text or music.

When using Single Take, the camera will capture up to five photos and four videos, depending on how long you choose to record.

True Zoom on the S20 5G and S20+ 5G

Note: Make sure you have the latest updates to get the best results when zooming. 

The S20 5G and S20+ 5G cameras include a True Zoom function that will take clear, crisp photos from 100 feet away. You’ll feel like you’re only 3 feet away with the 30x zoom capacity that allows for advanced zooming.

Start using True Zoom by opening the Camera app and tapping Photo. Pinch your fingers on the screen to zoom in. You can also slide your finger along the bottom to increase and decrease the zoom. You may need to steady the phone for a few seconds to allow the frame to come into focus. Once you’ve zoomed in, tap Capture.

A zoomed in cityscape, using 4.0x zoom function

Super Optic Zoom on the S20 Ultra 5G

Note: Make sure you have the latest updates to get the best results when zooming. 

The S20 Ultra 5G camera features a Super Optic Zoom that is capable of capturing images from an incredible 330 feet away. You can magnify the details of an object up close as well.

To check out the Super Optic Zoom on your S20 Ultra 5G, navigate to and open the Camera app, and then tap Photo. You can tap the three zoom icons at the bottom of the screen, or pinch your fingers to zoom in. Tap the additional options to test out the different zoom capacities. The strongest zoom available is 100x, which will take detailed photos from far away.

A zoomed in cityscape, using 3.0x zoom function

When zooming in past 10x, a picture of the target will appear in the corner of the screen. You can use this as a guide when zooming in on the person or object you wish to capture. This is especially helpful when zooming in from an extreme distance to help you get that flawless shot.

Night shots and steady capture

The new S20 phones also offer improved lowlight photography and stability functions.

Note: Make sure you have the latest updates to get the best photos in any situation.

If you need to take a selfie or video while out with your friends after dark, use Night mode for a vivid shot without any distortion.

Pull off those large group selfies with steady capture that offers smooth images every time. When filming a video, you can turn on the improved Super Steady feature to help keep images as clear as possible. The frame will remain steady no matter how you’re holding your phone, and you'll get a super smooth FullHD video.

If you're shooting a 4K or 8K video, you can still turn on video stabilization in the camera Settings.

NIGHT selected in the Camera app with a nighttime scene in the background

Crop your photos

After taking a super zoomed-in photo, you can crop it however you like and still retain the photo’s quality. This is due to the camera’s high resolution, which will preserve your original photo.

  1. Navigate to and open the Gallery app, and then select the photo you want to crop.

  2. Tap the Edit icon, and touch and drag the corners of the photo to resize it to your liking.

  3. Once you’ve found the correct size, tap Save. You can also tap Reset if you need to start over. Your newly cropped photo will be added to your Gallery next to the original photo.

Image of a city with Reset and Save options

Switch between the photos to see the cropped and uncropped versions. You can continue cropping by selecting the photo, and then tapping Edit again.

My filters

Use the My Filters feature to create your own filters for your photos or videos. Take an existing photo that you like, and apply the colors and styles to another photo as you capture it.

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