Use your Jetbot Mop's remote and cleaning cycles

Controlling Samsung Jetbot Mop with remote controller

Your Jetbot Mop comes with a remote control so you can easily direct all its cleaning modes and functions. Each unique mode offers effective cycles and patterns if you’re looking to deep clean all your floors, or just need to quickly wipe away a spill. You can also use the remote’s directional buttons to move your Jetbot Mop to other areas that may require extra cleaning. The two sensors located on your Jetbot Mop will turn on when you select a mode (excluding Handy Cleaning) and will help guide it around your home throughout the cycle. You can also use Handy Cleaning mode if you’d like to scrub something yourself.

Note: The remote may not connect if it's located more than 15 feet away from the Jetbot Mop.

Connect the remote

Your Jetbot Mop’s remote requires two AAA batteries. After inserting the provided batteries in the remote, press and hold the Operation button on the Jetbot Mop. Then, press the Start/Stop button on the remote. Make sure the remote’s sensor is pointed in the direction of your Jetbot Mop. If the remote doesn’t connect, you may need to charge your Jetbot Mop first.

Note: The remote will not connect while the Jetbot Mop is charging.

Use the directional buttons

You can use the directional buttons on the remote to control where the Jetbot Mop will go. If you want to clean a certain spot on your floor, just press Up, Down, Left, or Right to guide your Jetbot Mop to that area.

Press the Start/Stop button in the center of the remote to pause your Jetbot Mop at any time. When you’re ready to resume cleaning, press the Start/Stop button again.

Directional buttons of Samsung Jetbot Mop's remote controller

Activate the different cleaning modes

Note: You do not need to use the remote to activate Handy Cleaning mode.

Your Jetbot Mop’s remote also includes buttons for individual cleaning cycles. Press a button of your choosing, press the Start/Stop button, and watch your Jetbot Mop get to work. 

  • Auto: When Auto cleaning is activated, your Jetbot Mop will move freely to cover all areas of your floor. Use this mode when you’re busy with other chores and won’t be able to keep an eye on your Jetbot Mop.

  • Edge: During Edge cleaning, your Jetbot Mop will clean around the edges of walls and area rugs. It will sense the corners of obstacles and glide around them, which makes this mode useful in rooms with a lot of furniture.

Cleaning mode buttons of Samsung Jetbot Mop's remote controller
  • Focus: Focus cleaning allows your Jetbot Mop to rotate in one specific area until you stop it, which makes this mode ideal for areas that need extra attention. Your Jetbot Mop will concentrate on that area until it’s completely clean.

  • Intensive: During Intensive Cleaning, the mop pads will rotate faster, allowing your Jetbot Mop to cover more space in less time. You can use this mode when your floors need to be wiped clean as soon as possible.

  • Figure 8 pattern: Your Jetbot Mop will follow a preset pattern across your floors, so it can clean every inch without missing a spot. Figure 8 cleaning is perfect for making sure every little corner has been cleared of dust and dirt.

  • Step: With Step cleaning, your Jetbot Mop will move from side to side in a line. It will follow a straight line until it reaches a wall or obstacle, and will then retrace its steps.

  • 50 min: Your Jetbot Mop will enter an automatic cleaning cycle for 50 minutes. When 50 minutes have passed, your Jetbot Mop will sound an alarm, and you can swap out the mop pads and refill the water supply kits.

  • Handy Cleaning: This is a manual mode that lets you use the mop to clean up messes yourself. To enable Handy Cleaning, just press the Operation button twice on your Jetbot Mop. Then, hold it by the handle to clean a surface in your home, such as a window or countertop.

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