Make desserts with one touch in your Samsung microwave

Making dessert in a microwave

Did you know your new Samsung microwave can create delicious desserts with just the touch of a button? You won’t even have to heat your oven to enjoy amazing, homemade desserts whether you’re entertaining friends or just need a treat. You’ll impress everyone with a variety of quick cakes, puddings, and lattes. Your microwave is specifically programmed to get it all done with ease, saving you time and effort!

Note: The Home Dessert feature is not available on all microwave models.

Use Home Dessert

Your microwave comes with a special function called Home Dessert. Use it to tell your microwave it’s time to start creating scrumptious desserts!

Just mix your preferred ingredients and after a few minutes you’ll have a ready-to-eat sweet treat, such as pound cake, banana bread, or brownies. You can also combine ingredients in a mug for a cute and yummy mug cake. If you prefer sweet beverages, why not try a green tea latte or milk tea? And when you’re finished, make sure to snap a photo and show it off to your followers!

Microwave recipes are available in your model's 
user manual

Person mixing ingredients
  1. After mixing your ingredients, add them to the appropriate microwave-safe cookware, and place it in your microwave.

  2. Press the Auto Cook button on the control panel, and then press the left or right arrows to select Home Dessert.

    Press AutoCook
  3. Press the left or right arrows again to select the type of food you're cooking, and then press OK.

  4. Next, select the serving size by pressing the left or right arrows, and then press OK.

  5. Press START/+30s to begin the Auto Cook function, and watch as your microwave automatically detects the correct cooking time. The microwave will beep four times to let you know your dessert is finished.

    Press Start 30
  6. If you need more dessert inspiration, you can check out the hundreds of recipes on your Family Hub smart fridge. Tap the Apps icon on your Family Hub, and then tap Smart Recipes to discover new recipes every day!

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