Resolve 4C or 4E error codes on your Samsung washing machine

Samsung Washing Machine showing 4E error

Your washing machine will display an error code or blinking light to alert you when there's an issue with your appliance. The 4E and 4C error codes will appear if your washing machine cannot fill with enough water to run a cycle. This is usually caused by the washing machine’s hoses. This guide will step you through the process.

Note: Do not use Flood Safe hoses with your washing machine.

Resolve your washing machine error

As mentioned, the errors 4E and 4C indicate that your washing machine is not receiving enough water, and the issue is usually caused by a problem with one of the washer’s hoses. Depending on your model, the errors may also appear as nF or 1 4C. Fortunately, we have some steps to help your washing machine fill up again.

  1. Your washing machine’s mesh filter screens may be clogged. To clean them, turn off the water supply, disconnect the water supply hoses, and then clean the filter screens gently, like with a toothbrush or other similar small brush.

  2. While the water supply hoses are disconnected, check if they are kinked or clogged.

  3. Reconnect the water supply hoses, and make sure the faucets’ hot and cold hoses are connected to the corresponding water inlets on the washing machine. Then, turn on the water supply and make sure it is opened all the way for both the hot and cold water lines.

  4. Check that the drain hose is properly inserted and secured. A loose or incorrectly installed hose could be the source of the problem.

  5. The drain hose should not be inserted more than 6 inches into the drainpipe and should not form an airtight connection.

  6. You should also clean the dispenser drawer if it is dirty.

  7. If you have a top load washing machine that isn’t receiving enough water but is not showing a 4E or 4C error, you can add more water to it by using a different cycle. You can use the Deep wash or Deep fill cycles.

  8. Please contact Samsung Support to request service if the error still appears.

  9. Note: Do not remove the screw on the back of the washing machine that holds the drain hose against it. If the screw has been removed, screw it and the holder back in with any screw that fits. If the holder is missing, then service is required.

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