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HD Projector M255 edit
  • Title MediaPlay Firmware for self upgrade
  • Applicable Model F10M/M**5 series
  • Carrier or Corporate Customer openmarket
  • Description new version for F10M/M885 seires MediaPlay The version is P-MPAUW-2014
SEP 28,2010  |  ver 1.0  |  43.09 MB

JUN 28,2010  |  ver  |  26.4 MB

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For the latest manuals and specs, we will need some more details about your device.

For the latest manuals and specs, we will need some more details about your device.

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Product info

HD Projector M255 edit
Printer Compatibility
Data Compatibility VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA
Computer signal formats a projector is capable of displaying, as measured in pixels across and down.
Video Compatibility NTSC, NTSC-4.43, PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N, PAL-60, SECAM, 480 i, 576 i, 480 p, 576 p, 720 p, 1,080 i
Video formats and standards that a projector is capable of displaying.
Certifications UL and c-UL (US/Canada), FCC-B (US/Canada), CE (CE member countries)
Certificates of conformity with international committees that oversee product safety.
Audible Noise 31-36dB
Sound decibals emitted from powered projector in both low energy mode and high performance mode.
Product Color White
The color of the cabinet of the projector.
Product Size (W x D x H) 11" x 9.1" x 3.2"
The width, depth and height of the projector.
Brightness (Max ANSI lumens) 2500
Maximum amount of light a projector can output, as measured in ANSI lumens.
Contrast Ratio 500:1
Difference in light intensity between brightest color (white) & darkest (black). Higher ratio means more contrast.
Optical Technology 3LCD Optical Engine
Characteristics of a projection display. TFT (thin-film transistor) enhances image quality and contrast.
H-Sync Range 30-80 kHz
Range of horizontal lines that can be refreshed on screen in one second, as measured in kilohertz.
Keystone Correction +/- 20 degrees
Function that "squares" a projected image on the screen if the projector is not angled properly.
Lamp Life (Eco Mode) 5,000 hours
Lamp Life 3,000 hrs
Amount of hours a projector's bulb can last in both low-energy mode and high performance mode.
Lamp Type UHP
Lamp Wattage (Eco Mode) 172W
Amount of power a projector's bulb uses in both low-energy mode.
Lamp Wattage (High Bright Mode) 200W
Amount of power a projector's bulb uses in both high performance mode.
Maximum Image Size 400"
The largest image a projector is capable of displaying without losing focus.
Minimum Image Size 30"
The smallest image a projector is capable of displaying without losing focus.
Native Aspect Ratio 4:3
The ratio of the width of an image to its height. 4:3 is standard TV; widescreen will be letterboxed.
Native Resolution 1024 x 768
The fixed number of physical pixels (across and down) on a projector's display device.
Picture Mode Dynamic, Standard, Presentation, Text, Movie, Game, User
Feature that provides optimal display settings for various types of material and video sources.
Projector Placement Front Floor, Front Ceiling, Rear Floor, Rear Ceiling
Standard Lens Image Offset Ratio 85.7%
Distance (measured in screen %) between the height of the lens and the bottom of the projected image.
Standard Lens Projection Distance 0.9-14.5 M
Range of distances a projector can be positioned from the screen, as measured in feet.
Standard Lens Throw Ratio 1.48-1.78
Projection distance divided by image size. The closer projector is to screen, the smaller the image.
Standard Lens Zoom 1.2:1
Ratio between the smallest and largest image a lens can project from a fixed distance.
V-Sync Range 56-75Hz
Number of times a screen - from top to bottom - is refreshed per second, as measured in Hertz.
Speaker 7W x 1
Inputs and Outputs
Component (RCA) 1
Analog video signal that transmits information along two or more lines via an RCA cable.
HDCP Support 1
High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection. Deters copy of digital media as it travels along data lines.
High-Definition Multimedia Interface. The industry standard for transmitting HD video for display.
Max Altitude Supported 9800ft
The highest point above sea level at which a projector will operate, as measured in meters.
Operating Humidity 20%-80% (Non-condensing)
Operating Temperature (F) 41-95° F
Climate range in which a projector will operate, as measured in Celsius degrees. 5-35 C = 41-95 F.
Max Power Consumption 270W
Typical Power Consumption 260 Watts
Rear Inputs
PC (D-sub 15 Pin) 1
VGA connection that transmits analog component video signals via 15 shielded pins at the end of a cable.
Warranty 1 Year
Product Weight (lbs) 5.3 lbs.
Weight of the projector, as measured in pounds (lbs.).
Shipping Weight (lb) 11.9 lbs.

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