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High Definition Camcorder

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High Definition Camcorder (HMX-U10) edit
  • Title HMX-U10 Firmware
  • Applicable Model HMX-U10 series
  • Carrier or Corporate Customer open market
  • Description HMX-U10 Firmware
OCT 23,2009  |  ver 1.0  |  6.53 MB

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For the latest manuals and specs, we will need some more details about your product.

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Product info

High Definition Camcorder (HMX-U10) edit
Video Recording
Auto Focus Yes
Optical feature that uses a sensor, control system, and motor to automatically focus a camera's lens.
Auto White Balance Yes
Camera settings that auto-adjust in different light to ensure white objects appear white on screen.
Built-in Microphone Yes
An internal microphone in a camcorder designed to record audio while video footage is being recorded.
Echo No
Feature that allows a camcorder user to pinpoint audio during playback and apply an echo effect.
Manual Focus No
Manual Shutter No
Setting that allows the shutter speed to be adjusted by hand, as measured in fractions of a second.
Manual White Balance No
Music No
Feature that allows users to apply music to pre-existing video during playback on the camcorder.
Real Stereo Yes
Mode that distinguishes sound direction while recording to reproduce rich and dynamic sound.
Recording Format H.264
Compression standard that a camcorder uses to encode video. H.264 HD is used by Blu-Ray and YouTube.
Recording Quality Super Fine, Fine
Recording Resolution Full HD (1920x1080 30p), Time Lapse Recording Available
Number of pixels across and down that are used to capture video. More pixels, the sharper the image.
Slow Shutter Mode (LSS) No
Feature that decreases shutter speed to allow more exposure when shooting in low light conditions.
Speaker Yes
Internal speaker in a camcorder designed to emit recorded audio during playback.
Voice No
Feature that allows users to record additional voice-over tracks during playback on the camcorder.
Wide No
Wind Filter No
Technology that reduces distortion and buffeting caused by wind on a camcorder's microphone.
Still Imaging
Format JPEG
File type that the photo mode of a camcorder generates for use on a computer.
Quality Super fine only
Overall appearance of the photos that a camcorder generates. Super Fine signifies premium quality.
Recordable Media SDHC / SD
Formats onto which a camcorder can record. Built-in memory provides internal storage; cards are external.
Resolution 10M (3648x2736)
Number of pixels across and down that are used to capture an image. More pixels, the sharper the photo.
Inputs and Outputs
High-Definition Multimedia Interface. Industry standard for transmitting HD video between components.
S-Video No
Analog signal that carries standard definition video from a computer camcorder, or DVD player to a TV.
Battery Model SLB-10A (Built-in Battery)
Model of battery the camcorder uses.
Running Time (min) 90min.
Duration of time that a fully powered camcorder can run before its battery needs to be recharged.
Signal Type
Signal Type NTSC
Form of video transmission that encodes data, color, and synchronization. NTSC is the American TV standard.


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