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How to Plan the
Perfect Date

Let your virtual personal assistant do all the work.

Samsung Bixby virtual assistant

Why is the process of making plans so much harder than it should be? From actually finding time in your schedule 5 Simple time-saving tips to deciding where to meet up, a virtual assistant like Samsung Bixby can help take care of all those pesky details. Check out how you can plan your next date using a virtual personal assistant.

Samsung Bixby to pull up your calendar

Have your people call my people

Believe it or not, you do have free time. You just need help finding it. That's where a virtual personal assistant can help. With Bixby, you can just ask to open up any day to see what your availability looks like and block that time with a simple voice command.

Bixby as your restaurant guide

Let it be your restaurant guide

Can’t make up your mind on a restaurant? Standard issue. With the help of a virtual assistant, you can have it recommend a few in your area including ones that fit your reservation requirements and have a much-needed happy hour special.

Bixby Vision for wine suggestions
Bixby Vision

From translating to smarter shopping, let your phone be even more helpful.

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Use it as a personal sommelier

Making dinner at home? Use your virtual assistant for wine recommendations. Just focus your Samsung Galaxy camera on the wine label, tap the Vision icon and select the wine options. Bixby Vision pulls up information about the wine including convenient food pairings.

Bixby Vision

From translating to smarter shopping, let your phone be even more helpful.

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Bixby Vision to call a ride

Be late without being rude

If you’re running late, it helps to have an assistant there to text your friend your location or call you an Uber. A simple voice command can take care of this while you focus on more important things.

Bixby Vision to keep track of your schedule

Out of sight but never out of mind

Utilize reminders to help keep track of reoccurring meet-ups. So with every goodbye a simple voice command helps keep your next meet-up on the books.

Ready at your beck and call

See how you can take Samsung Bixby even further with the Galaxy Note9 S Pen.

Galaxy Note9

Galaxy Note9

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