What Is Magic Upscale On My Monitor?

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

Samsung Magic Upscale

Magic Upscale Technology improves image quality to such a level that you will only receive a better picture. Enjoy enhanced image quality no matter how the original picture quality is. Magic Upscale prevents image degradation when scaling up and gives only brilliant and pristine colours and images. And it also makes images on the monitor appear clearer and sharper than on a note pc. Magic Upscale enhances the layers of the picture details and the vividness of the picture.


    • The function has more obvious effects on low-resolution pictures.

    • This menu is not available when 1 is in Cinema or Dynamic Contrast mode.

    • This menu is not available when Game Mode is enabled.

    • The functions available on the monitor may vary depending on the model. Refer to the actual product.

Configuring SAMSUNG MAGIC Upscale

1. Press any button on the front of the product to display the Key guide. Next, press [MENU] to display the corresponding menu screen.

2. Press [1] to move to PICTURE and press [1] on the product.

3. Press [1] to move to 1 and press [1] on the product.

The following screen will appear.


Comparing with Mode1, Mode2 has a stronger effect.

4. Press [1] to move to the option you want and press [ 1].

5. The selected option will be applied.

NOTE: The Samsung Magic Upscale option is not available in the Cinema, Dynamic Contrast, and Game modes.

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