Clothes are not dried at all; Why is this?

Last Update date : Oct 05. 2020

Clothes are not dried at all; Why is this ?



If your dryer does not dry clothes at all, check the followings:

    • Make sure you have selected a cycle other then Air Fluff. The Air Fluff cycle tumbles the load at room temperature air.


    • If your dryer was just installed and is not drying your wash, check the power cord installation. An improperly installed power cord can cause a no heat condition, but all other functions will work properly.

    • Check your vent system. The vent may be clogged. Samsung dryers have a powerful exhaust blower motor. Residual lint in the vent pipe may become dislodged and collect in another area of the vent system, usually at elbows, bends, or the outside vent area. Samsung recommends you replace your vent system with a new rigid vent system for proper operation of your dryer.

If the suggestions above do not solve the any malfunction of drying, your dryer will need service. Click the "Create Online Service Request" button below to start the service process.


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