Gas Ranges: How Do I Use the Self-Cleaning Oven?

Last Update date : Oct 05. 2020

The self-clean cycle uses above-normal cooking temperatures to automatically clean the oven interior. Do not force the oven door or lock lever open. This may result in exposure to high temperatures and be a burn hazard.


It is normal for flare-ups, smoking, or flaming to occur during cleaning if the oven is heavily soiled. It is better to clean the oven regularly rather than to wait until there is a heavy buildup of soil in the oven. During the cleaning process, the kitchen should be well ventilated to get rid of normal odors associated with cleaning.


Before self-cleaning:


  1. Turn off the oven light before cleaning. The light may burn out during the clean cycle.


  2. Remove broiler pan, all pans, and oven racks from the oven. The oven racks will discolor and may not slide easily after a self-clean cycle if they are not removed.


  3. Clean oven frame, door frame, area outside of gasket, and around the opening in the door gasket with a nonabrasive cleaner such as Bon Ami* or detergent and water. The self-cleaning process does not clean these areas. They should be cleaned to prevent soil from baking on during the clean cycle. (The gasket is the seal around the oven door and window.)


  4. To prevent damage, do not clean or rub the gasket around the oven door. The gasket is designed to seal in heat during the clean cycle.


  5. Wipe up excess grease or spillovers from the oven bottom. This prevents excessive smoking, flare-ups or flaming during the clean cycle.


  6. Wipe up sugary and acidic spillovers such as sweet potatoes, tomato, or milk-based sauces. Porcelain enamel is acid-resistant, not acid-proof. The porcelain finish may discolor if acidic spills are not wiped up before a self-clean cycle.


To set a self-cleaning cycle:


  1. Close the overn door.


  2. Move the door lock lever right to the locked position.


  3. Press the [CLEAN] pad. CLEAN will flash in the display. If the door is not closed, beeps will sound and DOOR will appear in the display. If the door is not closed within 45 seconds, the self-cleaning cycle will be canceled.


  4. Press the [+] or [-] pad to select the soil level of the oven.


      CL-H (Clean - Heavy Soil, 4 hours)

      CL-M (Clean - Medium Soil, 3 hours)

      CL-L (Clean - Light Soil, 2 hours)


  5. After four seconds, the oven will start cleaning. The cleaning time will start counting down in the display, where LOCK and CLEAN will also appear.


To cancel a self-cleaning cycle, press the [CANCEL] pad.


During the self-clean cycle


When LOCK shows in the display, the door cannot be opened. To prevent damage to the door, do not force the door open when LOCK is displayed.


Smoke and Smells - You may see some smoke and smell an odor the first few times the oven is cleaned. This is normal and will lessen in time.


Smoke may also occur if the oven is heavily soiled or if a broiler pan was left in the oven.


Sounds - As the oven heats, you may hear sounds of metal parts expanding and contracting. This is normal and will not damage the oven.


After self-cleaning


About one hour after the end of the self-clean cycle, LOCK will turn off. The door can then be opened. Move door lock lever to the left to unlock.


Some soil may leave a light gray, powdery ash. Remove it with a damp cloth. If soil remains after wiping, that means the clean cycle was not long enough. The soil will be removed during the next clean cycle.


If oven racks were left in the oven and do not slide smoothly after a clean cycle, wipe racks and rack supports with a small amount of vegetable oil to make them easier to move.


Fine lines may appear in the porcelain because it went through heating and cooling. This is normal and will not affect performance.


A white discoloration may appear after cleaning if acidic or sugary foods were not wiped up before the self-clean cycle. This discoloration is normal and will not affect performane.




  - If the oven door is left open, DOOR will flash in the display and a signal will beep until the door is closed and the [CLEAN] pad is pressed again.


  - The oven door will be damaged if the oven door is forced to open when LOCK is still displayed.

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