GPRS(General Packet Radio Service)

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

 GPRS is a 2.5G technology implemented by GSM network operators to increase network capacity (to service the growth in the number of subscribers),to provide higher data rates for subscribers),to provide higher data rates for subscribers(to adress the increased need for high-speed connections to the the internet and corporate networks) and also as an intermediate step on the path towards 3G systems.

GPRS is an extension of GSM. Instead of requiring a phone number to be dialed and a permanet circuit to be created until the user disconnects,GPRS is packet- based.When the mobile station registers on the network,it is assinged an IP address which enables data to be routed to it by other nodes on the network.The mobile station is then able to send and receive data almost immediately.This is referred to as an "always on" connection.

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