How to use T9 mode?

Last Update date : Oct 05. 2020

T9 is a predictive text input mode that allows you to key in any character using single keystrokes.
Entering a word in T9 mode

1 Press [ 2 ] to [ 9 ] to start entering a word. Press each key once for each letter.

For example, press [4], [3], [5], [5], and [6] to enter HELLO in T9 mode.

T9 predicts the word that you are typing, and it may change with each key that you press.

2 Entre the whole word before editing or deleting characters.
3 When the word displays correctly,to to step 4.

otherwise, press[ 0 ] to display alternative word choices for the keys that you have pressed.

For example, OF and ME use [ 6 ] and [ 3 ].

4 Press [ # ] to insert a space and enter the next word.

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