How can I create my own panels on Edge screen using Express me in my Galaxy Note Edge?

Last Update date : Oct 05. 2020
1 By using Express me option on Edge screen, You can create your own edge screen panels by adding handwriting or applying various effects to images. But, please note Express me is only provided on the Edge screen when Flip wallet is closed, Edge screen is only turned on, and in Lock screen. Drag your finger upwards from the bottom of the Edge screen, and then tap The Settings Icon. Alternatively, open the All apps screen and tap Settings and Edge screen. The Edge screen settings screen will appear.
2 Select Express me.
3 Tap Add icon.
4 Tap the image icon to change the image on the Express me panel and select the desired image which want to show on the Edge screen. You can add text or handwriting or image effect.
5 Drag the image on the screen to specify the area to set as a panel.

Then, use the available editing options.

• Rotate: Rotate or flip the image.  

• Effect: Apply various effects to the image.

• Image: Add extra images into the image.

• Object: Add extra objects, such as colors or patterns, to the image.

6 Tap The Save Icon when you are done.
7 The saved image will be added as a custom panel to the Express me panels list.

If you select the your own panel, it is provided on the Edge screen when Flip wallet is closed, Edge screen is only turned on, and in Lock screen. 

Thank you for your feedback!