How Do I create, edit, and manage my contacts using Kies Air?

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

Manage Contacts

You can manage contacts stored on your device using Kies Air. View contact details, delete contacts, or add new contacts by clicking Contacts 1 in the left navigation panel.

NOTE: This feature is not available in Samsung mobile device view.

View Contacts

You can expand contact details by clicking 1 or close contact details by clicking 1 across from the contact's name at the right side of the window. When viewing contact details, you can Message, Edit, and Delete contacts.

The following icons show the status of your contacts:

1 Contact is stored in Google.
1 Contact is marked as a favorite.
1 Contact is not marked as a favorite.

Delete Contact

To delete multiple contacts saved on your device, click the Checkbox next to the the contact's name. Click Delete at the upper-left corner of the window to delete all the checked contacts.

To delete individual contacts:

1. Click 1 across from the contact's name at the right edge of the window to view the contact's details

2. Click Delete at the bottom of the contact's details.

3. Click OK to confirm deletion of the contact.

Add Contact

Add new contacts by clicking New contact at the upper-left corner of the contacts window.

The following default options are available when creating a new contact:

Save contact to: Select to save this contact to your phone or to an account on your device.

Contact photo: This picture will be shown when you receive an incoming call from the contact and during interactions with certain applications, for example, a chat application that interacts with your contacts list.

• Contact name options are Name prefix, First name, Middle name, Last name, and Name suffix. Click 1 next to the Name field to display all name fields.

Phone: This field has several label options. You can choose from Mobile, Home, or Work. Click 1 to show more phone number fields.

Email: Assign an email address to the contact. Click to show more email fields.

Address: Enter the contact's address information.

Company: Add the contact's company name information.

Job Title: Add the contact's job title information.

Nickname: Add a nickname for the contact. The nickname is not displayed when calls are made to or received from the contact.

Click Save to save the new contact.

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