Samsung Books Transition to KFS

Last Update date : Oct 05. 2020

Samsung Books Transition to KFS

The Samsung Books service in Samsung Hub will be closed from 1st July.

Instead a new service "Kindle for Samsung" (KFS) will be available for download from Samsung Apps.

Questions about Kindle for Samsung (KFS)

Q: What is KFS? And how can I install KFS?

A: KFS stands for Kindle for Samsung service which is a service built exclusively for Samsung customers.

On Kindle for Samsung, you will be entitled to a free book every month through Samsung Book Deals and will be provided with the ultimate e-reading experience, optimized for your Samsung device.

You can search it in Samsung Apps Store with "kindle for Samsung", "kindle" or even "Samsung Books" the keywords.

Q: Can I still access my previous Samsung Books content on Kindle for Samsung?

A: No, you can't. Your Samsung Books content is not available on Kindle for Samsung.

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Q: I already have installed kindle for Android in my device. If I newly installed kindle for Samsung, what happened?

A: Your device can have two kindles. You can use both of kindles with one Amazon account, but Samsung Books Deals are only available on kindle for Samsung.

Q: What is Samsung Book Deals? How can I benefit from Samsung Book Deals?

A: Samsung Book Deals is a special event that provides Samsung account users with a free monthly ebook on their Samsung device.

Q: Do I sign in with my Samsung account to enable Kindle for Samsung? Or with my Amazon account?

A: To use Kindle for Samsung, you need to sign in with your Amazon account. And to get the most from Samsung Book Deals for a free monthly ebook, you also need to sign in with your Samsung account as well.


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