The screen of my Galaxy Z Flip shakes when I place my device on the wireless charger. Why is this?

Last Update date : Oct 06. 2020

You may experience this phenomenon when your Galaxy Z Flip is not placed at the center of the wireless charger. Before charging your battery wirelessly, fold the device first and place the center of the device's back on the center of the wireless charger to ensure that the connection is good.

If the center of device’s back is misaligned with the center of the wireless charger, the screen may shake and flicker due to frequency interference between the wireless charger and the  Galaxy Z Flip. 

The Galaxy Z Flip is a 21.9:9 ratio interactive device that offers a larger display screen compared to previous devices. This requires a higher refresh rate (Hz) than the previous devices,  which is similar to the frequency of some wireless chargers.

Accordingly, please ensure that your folded Galaxy Z Flip is placed right on the center of the wireless charger if the screen shakes or flickers when placing the device on the wireless charger. 

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