Walkaround of Samsung Galaxy A5 2016(SM-A510F)

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

The all new Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 ( SM-A510F ) comes with premium fusion of eye catching Glass & metal. In which you can enjoy a more stable and more comfortable grip with a slim design and a narrow bezel. You can also experience exceptional hardware performance and ultra-fast Internet speeds. An Octa-core processor and LTE Cat.6 network access enable seamless web loading, smoother UI transition and faster multi-tasking. Use the rear camera’s OIS functionality to capture blur-free images and videos. Front and rear cameras feature f/1.9 aperture for exceptionally clear images, even in low-light conditions. Capture precious moment in an instant simply by pressing the home button twice for quick camera launch.


It consists of different ports and buttons. Following representations will give a clear picture of different views of this new gadget from Samsung :

● We will start with the Front View. Below representation introduces the user to various hardware parts of Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 ( SM-A510F ) from the front. Take a look :




● The Rear view of Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 ( SM-A510F ) :




● The Side view of Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 ( SM-A510F ) :





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