How to enjoy Ultrawide GameView™ on 2022 Samsung Smart TV

Last Update date : May 19. 2022

2022 Samsung TVs support Ultrawide GameView™ for PC games. Gamers can easily change the display aspect ratio from 16:9 to 21:9 or 32:9 through the Game Bar. Ultrawide GameView™ is often cited as an innovative feature allowing gamers the freedom to customize the game resolution according to the game genre of personal preferences.

Bigger Screen, Bigger Excitement

Samsung’s Game Bar supports Ultrawide GameView™ in 2022 Smart TVs. Ultrawide GameView™ presents a wider field of view than the conventional 16:9 aspect ratio. Ultrawide GameView™ provides a more immersive gaming experience, with improved visibility of details so the user can see exactly where enemies may be lurking in a battlefield. Gamers often score higher and experience greater satisfaction when playing FPS games in ultra-wide aspect ratios.

Ultrawide GameView screen


  • Support or performance may vary depending on the game console.
  • Click the link for more information on [2022] How to use Game on your Samsung Smart TV.

2022 Samsung Smart TV introduces a new Game Bar that displays all the information necessary for optimal gaming performance, such as FPS (Frames per second), HDR and VRR, and provides easy access to gaming features. Gamers can enjoy various gaming options and preferences.

When Game Mode is set to ON or AUTO, press and hold the Play/Pause button on the Samsung Smart Remote to start the Game Bar.

access new game bar using remote

Use the Game Bar to easily control the Game Monitoring and Game Enhancer settings.

① Input Lag

Set the Input Lag status for playing games. If “Fastest” is selected, Game Motion Plus mode will turn off.

② Game Picture Mode

Specify the Game Picture Mode according to the game genre. To customize picture quality, select Custom.

③ Screen Ratio

Change the screen ratio.

④ Minimap Zoom

Change the location and size of the Minimap.

⑤ Sound Output

Change the sound output device. (e.g. TV Speaker, Sound bar, Bluetooth headset, etc.)

⑥ Help Guide

View details on how to use each menu item.

⑦ Game Mode Settings

Navigate to Game Mode Settings.

•Game Mode

Show Game Mode. Game Mode turns on automatically when a game console is detected.

•Surround Sound

Enhance game sound to provide intelligent, scene-based 3D surround sound for highly immersive game play.

•Dynamic Black Equalizer

Quickly identify enemies or objects in the dark by increasing object visibility. Based on real-time scene analysis, black details can be seen with improved clarity. Users can control the visibility of black detail with 5 levels.

•Game Motion Plus settings

Enhance screen smoothness to optimize fast moving games such as RPG or adventure games. Input lag is reduced when Game Motion Plus is off. When Game Motion Plus is turned on, gameplay smoothness is improved by interpolating additional frames. When Game Motion Plus is turned on, VRR/Freesync will turn off. When VRR/Freesync is turned on from an external device, Game Motion Plus will turn off.

game mode settings menu

⑧ Current status display

• FPS: Shows the number of frames per second in real time. If VRR is enabled, the frame rate will change.
• HDR: Shown as ON when an HDR game is running.
• VRR: Shows the corresponding value when Freesync or VRR function is active.

3-type screen ratio

How to use Super Ultrawide GameView™

Follow the instructions below to enjoy Super Ultrawide GameView™ on your PC.

Step 1. Hold the Play/Pause button to launch Game Bar.

Step 2. On Screen Ratio, press the remote button once to change the Game Bar screen ratio to 21:9.

Step 3. The Game Bar will show a pop-up notification to reflect the change in the Game Bar screen ratio and the PC’s display resolution.

display resolution notification

Step 4. Follow the Game Bar pop-up notification to change the PC resolution as recommended.

After setting the resolution on your PC for the first time, you can change the Screen Ratio through the Game Bar on your TV. The supported resolutions may differ depending on the model or HDMI port connected to your PC.

supported resolution on pc display

• Game Bar Screen Ratio 21:9

 3840x1600(60Hz) / 3840x1600(120Hz)* / 2560x1080(60Hz) / 2560x1080(120Hz) / 2560x1080(144Hz)**

• Game Bar Screen Ratio 32:9

 3840x1080(60Hz) / 3840x1080(120Hz) / 3840x1080(144Hz)**


  • *The resolution may not be supported depending on the model.
  • **Models that support 144Hz: QN900B/QN95B/QN90B (50-inch and smaller models).

Step 5. Your PC should be displayed in 21:9 screen ratio.

21:9 screen display

Step 6. Launch a game that supports 21:9 Ultrawide resolution and enjoy the wider field of view. Follow the same instructions to set your display to 32:9 resolution.

game on ultrawide view screen


  • Super Ultrawide GameViewis only supported on PC games.
  • Super Ultrawide GameViewis only available on games that support Ultrawide.

How to adjust Screen Position on Super Ultrawide GameView™

Gamers can move the screen position up or down to match their eye level by using the respective channel up or down buttons on the Samsung Smart Remote.

changing screen ratio with remote

For some games, you may have to change the game resolution settings to match the screen ratio. Some games may automatically change the screen ratio, but if it does not, you can manually change the screen ratio in game by following the steps below.

Step 1. When Game Bar is 32:9 and Game maintains 21:9, Navigate to Game Settings and change the game resolution to 32:9.

Step 2. Your game should be displayed in 32:9 screen ratio.

Minimap is very important information for gamers. However, in the ultra-wide resolution, the Minimap is located in the corner of the screen, making it difficult for gamers to see the Minimap. With the Minimap Zoom function, you can zoom in on a minimap located anywhere on your screen. For more information about the resolutions that support the Minimap Zoom function, please refer to the table below.


• Game Bar Screen Ratio 21:9

 2560x1080(50/60Hz) / 2560x1080(100/120Hz) / 2560x1080(144Hz) / 3840x1600(50/60Hz)

• Game Bar Screen Ratio 32:9

 3840x1080(50/60Hz) / 3840x1080(100/120Hz)


  • Minimap Zoom is only supported on PC games.
  • Minimap Zoom is only available for Ultrawide screen ratios (32:9 or 21:9).

Step 1. Press and hold the Play/Pause button to launch Game Bar.

Step 2. Set the Screen Ratio to 21:9 or 32:9.

Step 3. Turn on Minimap Zoom.

minimap zoom on game screen

Step 4. You can move the Minimap Zoom position using the 4-way directional button on the remote.

moving minimap zoom with remote

Also, you can select the size of Minimap Zoom area by pressing the Select button on the remote.

changing minimap zoom size with remote

Samsung TVs support HDMI2.1 features.

  • Fixed Rate Link (FRL): A signaling technology that is able to achieve higher uncompressed resolutions, including 8K. It is also able to use up to 48Gbps of ultra high-speed bandwidth.
  • Display Stream Compression (DSC): A lossless compression algorithm that can achieve higher resolutions and faster refresh rates, such as 4K at 120FPS. It also includes greater color depth at 8K.
  • Variable Refresh Rate (VRR): VRR eliminates screen tearing for fluid, enjoyable gameplay. Try combining Variable Refresh Rate with Fixed Rate Link and Display Stream Compression for high-resolution gaming.


  • If you are having trouble with your Samsung Smart TV, you should always check to see if there are any software updates available as these may contain a fix for your problem.
  • Device screenshots and menus may vary depending on the device model and software version.

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