HW-K950: How Do I change the sound mode on my 500W 5.1.4 Ch Dolby Atmos Soundbar HW-K950?

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

Sound modes

There are 6 different sound modes: STANDARD (Original Sound), MUSIC, CLEAR VOICE, SPORTS, MOVIE, and NIGHT MODE, you can select depending on the content you want to listen to.

Changing the Sound Mode on your Soundbar

To change sound modes, press EFFECT on the remote.

Sound mode 1

  ● STANDARD - This is the default mode. The audio is output as it is received from the source:

Sound mode 2

  ● MUSIC - Enhances instrumentals and will be perfect for listening to music or for your music party.

Sound mode 3

  ● CLEAR VOICE - Having difficulty hearing the dialogue while watching your favorite show? This mode will increase the volume of the voices so you don't miss anything.

Sound mode 4

  ● SPORTS - Creates a more dynamic, realistic and stadium like sound. Use when watching football, basketball, soccer or other sporting events.

Sound mode 5

  ● MOVIE - Adds realism to a movie soundtrack.

Sound mode 6

  ● NIGHT MODE - For watching TV or movies at night without disturbing anyone.

Sound mode 7

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