How to fix issues while connecting Odyssey Ark Samsung Monitor to a PC

Last Update date : 2022-09-26

The Odyssey Ark provides fully immersive gaming experience through unique design and the best gaming performance and all inclusive screen experience. Ark’s 55” screen has been perfected with 1000R curvature which results in Ark as ‘personal gaming theater’ with ultimate immersion. Create an optimal gaming environment using various functions of Samsung Gaming Monitor Ark.

Troubleshooting when connecting a PC

1 3840x2160@165Hz is not output when connecting a PC.

The optimal and recommended resolutions are 3840 x 2160 at 165 Hz. If you cannot set 3840 x 2160 165 Hz resolution, turn on the Game Mode.

Home > Menu > Settings > All settings > Game > Game Mode

  • Game Mode: ON → Native resolution is 3840x2160@165Hz
  • Game Mode: OFF, Input Signal Plus: ON → Native resolution is 3840x2160@120Hz
  • Game Mode: OFF, Input Signal Plus: OFF → Native resolution is 3840x2160@30Hz


  • Make sure that your PC’s graphic card supports a 3840x2160@165Hz and graphic card driver is up to date.
  • Use a certified compatible HDMI Cable.
2 The PC screen does not appear or it flickers.

When the PC screen does not appear or the PC is not recognized, check the power supply of the PC and then reconnect the HDMI cable between the PC and Product. When the symptom persists, check that the PC is in Sleep mode and then set Input Signal Plus to ON.

Home > Menu > Settings > All Settings > Connection > External Device Manager > Input Signal Plus.

When the set resolution is not matched, it may cause a blank or flickering screen.

3 The displayed image size does not fit the screen, the image colors are blurred, or the text does not appear clear.

Edit the name of the external device. Especially when PC is connected, check if the device name is edited to PC.

Home > Menu > Connected Devices > HDMI > down directional button> Edit.

If Text looks blurred, Certain Texts may be improved in part upon changing screen magnification or Text Type (clear type) in the OS.

4 PC screen is not full when connecting the PC on the portrait screen(Cockpit Mode).

Set the display mode to use on the portrait screen.

 Home > Menu > Settings > All Settings > Game > Display Mode in Portrait Screen > ‘Portrait Mode’.

 If the screen is not displayed in the specified orientation, change the display orientation from the PC.

5 Connecting the Product to a PC as a USB HUB.

Using the product as a hub, connect and use various source devices with the product at a time.

You can choose to use USB devices from your monitor or from a source device connected to USB Hub.

Home > Menu > Settings > All Settings > Connection > External Device Manager > USB Source setup.


  • To detect and start a USB device faster, connect the USB device to the port on the product. The read/write rate will be affected by the USB device and your PC.
  • For USB-related problems caused by OS, drive programs, or software, please contact relevant suppliers.
  • With the launch of various USB devices on the market, we cannot guarantee that our products are matched with all USB devices.
  • For an external mass-storage HDD requiring an external power supply, be sure to connect it to an external power source.
  • USB devices requiring high currents may not be supported. USB 2.0 can support a maximum current of 900mA.
  • The battery can be charged in the power-saving mode, but it cannot be charged when the product is powered off.
  • Charging your USB device is not possible if the power cable is disconnected from the power socket.
  • The company is not liable for problems or damages to an external device caused by using an unauthorized cable for the connection.
  • Some products do not follow the USB standard, and it may cause a malfunction of the device.

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