How to manage the memory of my Samsung Galaxy phone?

Last Update date : 2022-12-07

If your device occasionally freezes or becomes unresponsive, it is possible that it is running low on the memory space necessary to execute apps. Clearing memory space frees up more memory and deletes cached data, allowing programs to load and operate faster.

phone memory

The Battery and device maintenance function deletes superfluous data from your smartphone, freeing up storage space. Your device will only be cleared of cached, residual, and advertising data. Users' stored photos, videos, and messages will not be destroyed in order to improve the device's efficiency.

1 From settings scroll down and tap "Battery and device care”. On some older devices, this is called “Device care”
Battery and device care
2 When your device has done scanning, press the "Memory" button.
3 Tap "Clean Now".
Clean Now

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