How to troubleshoot your S Pen

Last Update date : 2022-09-28

The S Pen is a special stylus made specifically for the Galaxy series that is intended to let you get the most out of your Samsung devices. You can always create, sketch, design, or take notes while on the go because everything is built inside the gadget. You might occasionally notice that your S Pen is sluggish or continually disconnecting from your tablet. Here's how to fix connection problems that can stop your S Pen from functioning properly.

My S Pen is not connecting

If your S Pen is not connecting to your Galaxy device:

1 On the Home screen, swipe down on the notification panel.
2 Tap the notification for S Pen connection.
3 Reinsert the S Pen as instructed on screen.
4 Wait for the confirmation message on your phone.
1 From your Home screen go to Settings.
2 Scroll down and select “Advanced features”.
3 Select S pen
4 Select “Air actions”.
5 Tap the more options icon then Tap reset.

If you still have connection issues after resetting your S Pen, restart your phone or tablet. Restarting a device may fix any issues and help the S Pen connect again. 

Note : If you are still having issues,  please call our contact center to get help with your inquiry.

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