How to use the Device Care on my Samsung Smart TV?

Last Update date : 2024-01-05

If you are having trouble with your TV, you may think it's better to reset and start over. Although it could be one of the solutions to its problem, it may not be necessary. Your TV also has several built-in self-diagnostics to help you troubleshoot problems with your video, picture, sound, and many other things.

How to use Self Diagnosis on a Samsung Smart TV How to use Self Diagnosis on a Samsung Smart TV

Optimize your TV with Device Care

Device Care is TV diagnostic software based on TV data that shows the current TV's operation status at a glance. When you enter the Start Device Care menu, Device Care diagnoses your TV and shows a list of the issues and status your TV currently has. TV operation status is notified in two stages and is divided into good and moderate. You can access Device Care in the Customer Support menu.

You can also check and clean your storage space, diagnose problems yourself, or request technical support. When the TV diagnosis is complete, it clears the cached memory, frees it, and closes unused background apps to free up memory. Please follow the guide below on how to run a Device Care scan on a Samsung TV.

qled device care main panel
Notification of TV Status




Flash storage available 0% (as displayed in UI), less than 70MB of RW storage available


All other cases other than Moderate

Start Device Care runs scans on the TV to optimize and diagnose TV conditions, such as blurry screen issues, or insufficient storage space. Enter the Start Device Care button in the middle of the screen, and then the built-in diagnostic program will check the status of the TV. If there is an issue, it will be listed and shown to you.

Follow the steps below for how to scan your TV with Device Care.

Step 1. Press the Home button on your TV remote and navigate to Menu.

qled device care settings

Step 2. Select Settings > All Settings > Support > Device Care.

qled device care settings sound menu

Step 3. Select Start Device Care in the middle of the screen, and then the scan will be started.

qled start device care

Manage Storage in the Device Care menu allows you to check and organize the data currently being used on TV. If you want to delete an installed app, select the Delete button at the top right to delete the selected app. In addition, if you click the view detail button of each app, you can check detailed information such as the total capacity of the app, stored data, and data cache.

  • Delete: Select the installed app you want to delete and click the Delete button.
qled device care manage storage
  • View Details: Check the current data and cache usage of the app, and clear the data and cache.
qled device care manage storage view detail

Note: When you delete apps, the default installed apps may not be selected.

In the Self Diagnosis menu, you can test the various conditions of your TV directly to determine if there is an abnormality. If problems are being caused by the TV itself, use the video test, picture test, and sound test to determine the cause. You can also check HDMI, network signal, and Smart Hub connections in this menu.

  • Video Test: When you experience a problem with your TV's video quality, use the Video Test. The test video will be played with the highest quality on your TV, and then you will look at the screen carefully for a few seconds to examine for flaws.
qled device care self diagnosis video example
  • Picture Test: When you experience a problem with your TV's picture quality, use the Picture Test. The test picture will be shown, then look at the screen carefully for 5 seconds to examine for flaws.
  • Sound Test: When you experience a problem with your TV's sound quality, use the Sound Test. The test melody will be played with the current sound output device, and then listen carefully to examine if the sound is normal.
  • HDMI Troubleshooting: This test diagnoses whether the HDMI cable is properly connected to the TV HDMI port. Select the external device's HDMI port to be tested as below, and then click the Next button to start the diagnosis.
device care self diagnosis HDMI Troubleshooting
  • Signal Information: When you check the signal of the current external device, use Signal Information. You can also test the HDMI cable and check the signal history.
  • Smart Hub Connection Test: This test can diagnose a wireless network connection. It may take a few minutes to perform DNS, ISP Blocking tests, etc.
  • Reset Smart Hub: You can reset all Smart Hub settings, downloaded apps, and accounts stored on the TV with the PIN.


  • The video/picture shown in the test is the best quality your TV can provide. However, the quality may vary depending on which source is used.
  • If you detect an issue with the test, the TV may have a problem. Contact Samsung Support for assistance.


  • Device screenshots and menus are only samples in English; they are also available in the language of your country.
  • If you have any questions after verifying the solutions mentioned above, please call our contact center for help with your inquiry. Our helpful agents will be there to help you.

*The features mentioned can be available on specific models. Please refer to your user manual for more information.

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