Galaxy Buds - Automatic sound switching (SM-R170)

Last Update date : Oct 01. 2020
Galaxy Buds - Automatic sound switching (SM-R170)

When you’re working and listening to music, you may prefer to wear one earbud in case your boss needs to speak with you. Automatic Sound Switching on Galaxy Buds was made for that kind of flexibility. Whether you have hearing difficulties or just want to listen to podcasts without losing track of the conversation around you, your earbuds can adapt to your listening style.

Available screens and settings may vary by provider, phone, or earbuds.

The best part about using automatic sound switching is there are no settings to adjust. Whether you have one, both, or no earbuds in your ears, the sound output will follow suit.

Automatic sound switching

That's right, the Galaxy Buds will automatically switch the sound output to mono or stereo, based on how many earbuds are in the charging case. If you put both Galaxy Buds into the charging case, the music will stop automatically.

When you’re using one earbud, put the other earbud in the charging case to avoid losing it and prevent battery drain or device errors.

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