Set up your Samsung Smart TV with SmartThings

Last Update date : Aug 03. 2022

SmartThings displayed on a Samsung TV

Whether you just got a brand new Samsung Smart TV or you had to reset it, you'll need to complete the initial setup. This includes pairing your remote and selecting your desired language, so you can navigate your TV and start watching shows and movies. Finally, you’ll be able to connect your TV to the SmartThings app on your phone.

Note: The provided information refers to Samsung Smart TVs sold in Canada. The available settings and options may differ for devices sold in other countries.

Pair your Samsung Smart Remote to your TV

When you turn on your TV for the first time, the Samsung Smart Remote will pair to the TV automatically. However, if the remote doesn't pair, point it at the remote control sensor on the front of the TV, and then press and hold the Back and Play/Pause buttons simultaneously.

Note: The images, buttons, and functions of the Samsung Smart Remote may differ by model. Refer to your user manual for specific instructions.

Select your language

Your new TV lets you choose a preferred language right from the initial setup. If you want to, you can now have your Smart TV's settings in English or French.

From the initial setup, use the Up and Down buttons on the remote's directional pad to navigate to and select your desired language.

English highlighted on a Samsung TV

Set up your Smart TV with SmartThings

Note: This feature is only available on certain models. If you are not prompted to set up your TV with SmartThings, you will be prompted to connect to a network.

After selecting the language on your TV, you will be prompted to connect your TV with your phone via the SmartThings app. 

  1. Make sure your phone is signed into the same wireless network you want to connect your Smart TV to.

  2. Navigate to and open the SmartThings app on your phone.

  3. Next, tap ADD NOW on your phone and enter the PIN displayed on your Smart TV.

    PIN data window in the SmartThings app

  4. Tap DONE and wait until your Smart TV registers your Samsung account.

  5. When it's done, select Next on the TV, then confirm your ZIP Code, and then select Next again.

  6. Finally, select Next, select a service provider option, and select Next one more time.

If the SmartThings app does not automatically locate your TV, you can manually add it. From the SmartThings app, tap the Devices tab, and then tap Add (the plus sign). Tap Add device, and then tap the By brand tab. Tap Samsung, then tap TV, and then follow the instructions to add your TV.

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