Factors Affecting Battery Life


Battery consumption increases in areas with weak or overlapping
signals or with increased screen brightness under strong sunlight
or any other light source.

※ Galaxy offers Adaptive Brightness to optimise screen visibility based on the light intensity of the environment.

Usage Pattern

Galaxy’s AMOLED Display has a high contrast ratio that will increase
battery consumption. Increased screen brightness, longer
intervals before screen timeout, high-performance apps,
streaming high-resolution content, and location services
or other allowed services will also increase battery consumption.

Settings Tips to Extend Battery Life

Discover various ways to extend your battery life!

※ Battery Life extension tips apply to Android T OS (Version 13). Specific settings menus appearance and title may vary depending on Android Version available.

How to Optimise Your Battery Life in the ‘Settings’

Check the apps with high battery usage.

Put rarely used apps to sleep or in deep sleep

Keep several rarely used apps in sleep or deep sleep

Check what is affecting battery life in App History

※ Apps with issues can affect battery life.
Update apps to the latest versions. It is recommended to put unused apps to sleep, in deep sleep, or to uninstall them.

To prevent certain apps from going to sleep or deep sleep, follow the instructions below

※ Apps added to 'Never sleeping apps' do not automatically go to sleep/deep sleep and may cause additional battery usage in the background.

Enable ‘Power saving’ mode in your Galaxy smartphone

When the battery is running low, enable ‘Power saving’ to extend battery life.

Once ‘Power saving mode’ is enabled, background apps will be restricted from Wi-Fi and mobile data,
and heavy battery-consuming features such as Always On Display will be disabled to extend battery life.

You can select and adjust CPU speed, brightness level, and Always On Display to your preference.

※ When ‘Power mode’ is enabled, background data restrictions will apply to all apps and location services may also be limited.

Enable 'Power saving' mode in your Galaxy watch (from phone view)

Extend your Galaxy watch battery life by enabling power saving mode.

Enable power saving mode: (from watch view)

Extend your Galaxy watch battery life by enabling power saving mode.

Clean up unused apps and features

Check unused apps in ‘Battery usage’.

Deactivate auto-sync for apps that don't require syncing

Turn on Bluetooth only when you plan to use it.

In the quick panel, tap bluetooth icon to turn on or off.

Change Display Settings

Turn display off by pressing the power button when the device is not in use.
Set ‘Screen timeout’ to a short interval.
Lower your brightness.
The brighter the screen, the higher the contrast ratio, which leads to higher battery consumption.
Extend battery life by using a dark-tone wallpaper or theme.

* Images shown are for illustration purpose only.
** UI may be different depending on the device model, country or mobile operators.