Can’t activate the Multi window feature

Last Update date : Apr 23. 2018



Q: I can’t activate the Multi window feature of Galaxy S5. There is no response when I try to touch and drag the activation switch to the right to enable the feature. Is my device faulty?


A : If you cannot activate the Multi window feature, please check whether Easy mode on device is enabled or not. 


Easy mode lets you use your device with a simpler home screen layout and straight forward application interactions, but it limits the some of features available.
As a result, if Easy mode is enabled, you can’t use Multi window feature



[How to check whether the Easy mode is on or off]

1.In the settings area of the device tap on “easy Mode”



2.Tap here to enable (or if enabled, disable) Easy Mode




※ Easy mode lets you use your device with a simpler home screen layout




※Please note:

When using Easy mode it is still possible to have the home screen set to the normal Touch Wizz Home, and not the Touch Wizz easy home screen mode – which can in some cases lead to misunderstanding as the device may at first glance to appear to not be in Easy Mode, when is actually is.


[How to change TouchWiz Home screen mode]  

1.Tap “Easy Settings” .


2. Tap "More Settings".


3. Tap "Default applications".


4. Tap "Home" to change home style.


5. Tap "TouchWiz Home".




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