Galaxy A7 2018 (Hong-Kong version) Main New Features: Side Fingerprint Scanner

Last Update date : Sep 28. 2020

Design of Fingerprint Scanner

The device allows the Power button to function as a fingerprint scanner to unlock your phone.
Touch the Power button to unlock  Galaxy A7 (2018) and turn on the screen.

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How to Register Fingerprints

1 On the [Settings] screen, tap [Biometrics and security] → [Fingerprint Scanner].
2 Unlock the screen using the pre-set screen lock method. If you have not set a screen lock method, create one.
3 Place your finger on the Power key. After the device detects your finger, lift it up and place it on the Power key again. Repeat this action until the fingerprint is registered.
4 When you finish registering your fingerprints, tap [DONE].
5 When a fingerprint lock screen appears, tap [TURN ON] to use your fingerprint to unlock the screen.
Galaxy A7 2018, Side Fingerprint Scanner, Fingerprint Scanner, Power button functions as fingerprint scanner, unlock phone, unlock screen, How to Register Fingerprints, Biometrics and security, fingerprint lock screen

- The above product description is only applicable to the Galaxy A7 2018 (Hong-Kong version) released in year 2018. The above product description was updated in September 2018 and for reference only.
- All images are for reference only.

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