Galaxy S8: Iris scanner

Last Update date : Sep 25. 2020

The most secure biometric authentication

    •      Different iris patterns for each eye, even those of identical twins

    •      Faster registration (One time trial) compared to fingerprint registration (10 times trial)

    •      No physical contact required for authentication

The most secure biometrics – Iris

    •      More secure solution than fingerprint

    •      Simplified, but enhanced security

Galaxy S8: Iris scanner

Enhanced usability

    •      Color preview screen

    •      Preview screen mask : 17 masks(preloaded) +  more masks are downloadable from “Samsung Themes”

    •      Easy iris unlock

            - Use iris unlock without swiping. You can unlock your phone with your irises as soon as the screen turns on, without swiping first

Galaxy S8: Iris scanner
Galaxy S8: Iris scanner

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