TV Buying Guide

Why is TV design

The way a TV is designed can change the mood of
any room. To help you choose a TV that
best achieves your desired look and feel, here
are the essentials you'll need to know.

Today's TVs are designed to reflect the diverse range of lifestyles that make every home uniquely personal.
The design of your next TV could be the perfect finishing touch your living space deserves.

4 things to keep your eyes on when choosing your TV

TV Placement

Deciding where you put your new TV will help you choose the right TV design.
Take a look below at how various TV designs elevate the mood of any living space.

Types of TV design

Whether you're a minimalist or someone who enjoys experimenting with new layouts and concepts,
there are various design types to suit your taste.

Installation Type

Don't forget about TV installation type. Do you want your TV wall-mounted, on a stand or as a standalone?
Click on each type for additional installation tips.

Cable management

Your next TV should neatly organize your various set-top, game console and other external device cables,
so be sure to check that your TV has a clean cable solution for keeping it all neat and tidy.

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